Detroit Company Launches Indiegogo for Those Who Go Big

New Clothing Line Launches For Extreme Sports Athlete And Enthusiasts


Canton, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- It takes a certain kind of person to jump out of a helicopter onto a mountain top of pristine untouched snow, with skis already in place for a landing that leads them down the mountain while blazing their own snow trail. That's what extreme sports athletes call guts and for those who take such risks it’s a matter of 'go big or don't go'. It is for those people that a trio of friends from Michigan have come together and created the HERO brand of clothing with the mission that if one 'goes big, their clothes should, too'.

HERO is the clothing brand for the extreme sports athlete and enthusiast. That's why the team has launched a large Indiegogo funding goal of $100,000. This campaign goal will allow HERO to produce their line of tees, hats, hoodies and tanks while giving them the ability to expand their product line more rapidly than could be done without angel investors. And as incentive, every reward for this campaign offers a piece of gear from the product line, or in some cases like the Dude Man, an entire wardrobe from the HERO brand collection. And giving to the campaign is also a way to grab a bit of the gear before it's actually on store shelves.

About The HERO Brand
The HERO brand seeks to take the collection worldwide, although for now it is only available to sports innovators within the USA. HERO Brand is about living the extreme sports lifestyle. HERO believes the brand collection fully represents all of the guys and girls, young and old, - people out there right now, all over the world, sweating, freezing, and pushing their way to the edge of their comfort zones and beyond - who live to Go Big.

For more information, visit HERO BRAND CLOTHES - For people who go big

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Hero Brand LLC
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Contact: Dave Garen
Title: Co-founder
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