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Dev Prisco Releases Another Book Entitled "the Fundamentals of Daily Meditation"


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Dev Prisco releases another book entitled “The Fundamentals of Daily Meditation”, available on Amazon Kindle. This book is closely related with his first book for people who are beginning to practice Yoga. The Fundamentals of Daily Meditation is an excellent guide for meditation beginners as well and it can be utilized in order to further expand the details and understanding of the basic practice of meditation itself.

The Fundamentals of Daily Meditation is an ideal guide for meditation beginners to learn the fundamental meditational principles and be capable of applying meditation in their daily lives. With the fast pace of life and the world in general getting faster people need time out to relax and manage their busy lives and hectic schedules in order to minimize their scattered thoughts. The techniques included in the pages of the book by Dev Prisco will be able to help everyone discover calmness and aid them to be a more clearer-thinking and calmer individual which allows them to make better decisions in all aspects of life. When reading The Fundamentals of Daily Meditation, people will be able to apply these fundamental principles in their individual lives and be a happier individual and take advantage of a clearer mental state.

There are a lot of subjects included in The Fundamentals of Daily Meditation book such as the meditation’s history; the reasons why meditation has been applied by so many people; the Buddha teachings; meditation’s health benefits; the most excellent health reasons why to apply meditation on a daily basis; eliminating pre-conceived ideas; ancient meditation practices that work until now; Tai Chi and Yoga; interesting case studies and proven facts; breathing exercises and more.

For more information with regard to the release of The Fundamentals of Daily Meditation by Dev Prisco on Amazon Kindle, please visit The book is extremely beneficial for those people who are learning the basics and fundamentals of Yoga and meditation. The Fundamentals of Daily Meditation is the second book by Dev Prisco that is related with learning Yoga for beginners. A lot of people will greatly benefit from meditation since it has many health, mental, physical and emotional advantages. Hence, learning meditation, particularly for beginners, is useful when it comes to being a more clear-thinking individual.

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