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Developing a Taste for Better Health


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- The evidence is indisputable: chronic health problems, obesity, and premature death are all cite lack of physical exercise and poor diet as contributors to the problems. In contrast, numerous studies show that even modest improvements in diet and exercise can stave off these health problems permanently, leading to longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

The trouble is healthy habits are hard to establish in a world focused on quick and easy meals, quick rises up the corporate ladder, and a focus on monetary or social status rather than health. This leads many pursuing a healthier lifestyle to lean on willpower alone rather than support from the outside world. But it’s never too late to make habitual changes, despite how difficult the path may seem.

Coined by Doctor David L Katz in his book “Disease Proof,” he suggests not relying so much on willpower for change, but invest in “skill power.” Once we know the steps to take, climbing the ladder to better health seems an easier task with more rungs in place to hold one up.

Katz has some suggestions for developing the “skill power” to make healthier choices, one of which is retraining your taste buds. While cutting out sugar when switching to a plant-based diet, or reducing fat by switching to skim milk, can seem a huge chore, the key is to stick with it. Studies show that those who transition slowly into a new diet acquire new tastes more easily, allowing them to add formally unpalatable foods into their diet. Using milk as an example, studies have shown it takes no more than two weeks to adjust to the difference in whole and skim, and upon retrying whole those who have switched find they prefer the lower vat variety.

The same principle can be applied to exercise. Find something enjoyable and engage in it slowly at first, building up the length of time and the body’s endurance levels over a period of weeks rather than jumping feet first into the fire. Switching physical activities also helps prevent boredom in those who are easily distracted and require constant stimulation.

The important thing is to keep at it. Changing a lifestyle takes time, and the more time one invests, the better their physical and mental health will be because of it.

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