Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels Is an Incredible Book for the Ambitious Who Wish to Make It Big in the World of Business

Jeffrey K. Liker, the author of the popular book is known for his ability to combine LEAN principles in practical life to enable leaders belonging to different fields to take on the challenge of becoming coaches to learners who need the ever essential guidance


Laurel, ML -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- Jeffrey K. Liker who has previously encouraged innumerable ambitious souls through his book, The Toyota Way, comes out with yet another book with compelling content and practical information that will guide the determined leaders towards the path of success and enable them to become trusted coaches. This book places an immense amount of importance on 4 principles that are proven to be the foundation that mortars the two elements of ambition and leadership. These include:

1.An honest commitment to self-development.
2.Coaching and helping develop others.
3.Supporting of daily kaizen.
4.Creation of achievable vision and alignment of goals accordingly.

George Trachilis who is the President and CEO of the Lean Leadership Institute Inc, further states that members of the Lean Leadership Institute get an exclusive opportunity to enrol for webinars wherein each and every chapter of the ‘Develop Lean Leaders at all Levels’ book are reviewed in a interactive session with the author. Visiting will give you the option of applying for a free membership or enrolling for a yearly membership to avail exciting business opportunities.

Operational excellence is one of the major factors of success for any business undertaken and this is the area that is targeted in the book by Jeffrey K. Liker. In order for this factor to be triumphant, it is important to adapt to the lean manufacturing technology. The monthly learning sessions target the different aspects of lean thinking and by the simple application of these lessons to one’s own business in real time; one can see the flourishing results in their business each month.

The approach that one takes for the implementation of certain methodologies can be a deciding factor in the success of a business and these are exactly the problem areas that are targeted in this book and its corresponding webinars.

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Jeffrey K. Liker is known as one of the most brilliant authors to have written books that have offered a breakthrough solution to the myriad business related issues. He is known to offer practical guidelines to ambitious people wanting to make it big in their respective business.

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