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Development Trends of Facial Recognition Patents for Automotive Applications Market Report; Launched via

New Development Trends of Facial Recognition Patents for Automotive Applications Report Covers market forecast and top Companies like Advicy Drive, Affectiva, BMW, Bosch, Conduent and others.


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2018 -- The adoption of facial recognition in automobiles is still at the initial stage and the industry is still exploring and testing related technologies and usage scenarios. While vendors are excited about developing new products, applying facial recognition to automobiles needs to consider security issues and thus requires more validation and consideration. As a result, the number of use cases has remained low. This report provides insights into the development of facial recognition-related granted patents for automotive applications and offers a snapshot of facial recognition-based technology and application trends in the automotive industry.

List of Topics
- Overview of major brands' biometric modalities adopted in the automotive industry, including fingerprint, iris, voice recognition, and mostly facial recognition.
- Development of facial recognition patents related to automotive applications and includes patent grants by country of origin and by technology type, and by application.
- The top-10 assignees' global share in the facial recognition patent grants, including Denso, IBM, Toyota, Conduent, GM, Lytx, ARTC, Hyundai, Panasonic, and Honda.
- Development trends of facial recognition technology and application areas, touching on four steps involved and three major purposes.

Spanning over 23 pages "Development Trends of Facial Recognition Patents for Automotive Applications" report covers Development of Facial Recognition Technology for Automobiles, Development of Facial Recognition Patent Applications, Development Trends of Facial Recognition Technology and Application Areas, Conclusion, Appendix. This report Covered Companies few are - Affectiva, BMW, Bosch, Conduent, Denso, Disney, Empatica, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Gentex, Gestigon.

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