Dr. Davis

Developmental Optometrist Dr. Tod Davis Reveals Vision Therapy Success Story

Successful vision therapy treatments help young girl overcome ADHD.


Gainesville, NY, -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- Annie, a young girl who had previously been diagnosed with ADHD and was being prescribed medication for this fact, recently found renewed focus and learning ability through successful vision therapy treatments by Dr. Tod Davis.

“We used to struggle to get our daughter to do homework. It was like a tug of war whenever she came home from school,” says Annie’s mother. “The best that we could do was to get her to rush through her homework right before she went to bed.”

After six vision therapy sessions with Dr. Davis, however, things are already improving for Annie. “She was coming home less frustrated, and when I would ask her about homework, she would say she had done it while still at school. It was a complete 180,” Annie’s mother explains.

“Sometimes, children are misdiagnosed with ADHD, or ADHD doesn’t actually cover the whole issue,” Dr. Davis claims. “A child could have ADHD, but still have a vision disorder which needs correcting. Likewise, a child could be diagnosed with ADHD when they only need vision therapy. Because they have similar effects on learning, the two disorders get confused frequently.”

As of February 10, Annie has finished her vision therapy sessions, and the family is amazed by the results. “Her homework used to look extremely sloppy and rushed; now it’s very neat, and it’s obvious she’s paying more attention to what she’s doing. People at our church comment that she seems more mature and they don’t even know about her therapy sessions. It’s like she’s a whole new kid.”

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