Dexter Lee and the Prophets

New Rock Songs About Life Are Released by Dexter Lee and the Prophets

The popular Dexter Lee And The Prophets band releases a new CD with new songs about actual life, real love and more. The band moves their fans’ soul and body with original blues rock they create and perform. The new rock songs about life are "For Your Love" and "We Are".


Baton Rouge, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- Dexter Lee, who is a native Louisianan guitar performer and vocalist, has written more than 200 songs and currently is busy with creating more and more of his great songs. His style is influenced by a range of performers like Eric Clapton, Neal Schon, BB King, Jeff Beck, David Gilmore, Stevie Ray Vaughn and others. He writes all of his songs as a reflection of daily life and daily experiences that all people face, mixed with some downright fun. His greatest goal is to change people’s life and he really does it, even only during the songs’ performance. He wants to make people think more about the important and valuable things in life and to take a break from the busy and stressful life they lead to simply enjoy the current moment and the life itself.

The new songs of Dexter Lee and the Prophets do not make an exception from his style. The first song is called "For Your Love" and the content is focused on spring fever, on new life and new love that comes with this season, as well as falling in love. This song is not only for teenagers, but for all people, who search for the real love. Spring is the best season for falling in love, so this song has been created in the perfect moment, encouraging true love in blues rock fans.

The second song is called "We Are". This is a song about living in the today’s world, which is more than ever before a challenging world. People will learn from this song how to live sensibly on this planet.

Dexter Lee and the Prophets band also includes Mark McCrory, who is the band’s bass and the drummer Keith Tullier. Mark McCrory is known for his eclectic taste and style that perfectly suits the blues rock genre. He is influenced by the old country style, Broussard, the Beatles with their solid melodies, riff heavy acid rock and national R&B. Mark is a Funk and Soul performer who creates a variety of underlying groove. Keith Tullier on the other hand is with deep cajun roots, being born in a family of musicians who played rock, country and cajun at all of their family gatherings. He has played at different Louisianan rock, country and blues bands and currently is enjoying being a part of the Dexter Lee and the Prophets band.

All blues rock music fans, who would like to take pleasure from the new rock song releases and old original songs of Dexter Lee and the Prophets, can take a look at their website at

About Dexter Lee and the Prophets
Dexter Lee and the Prophets ( is a blues rock music band that writes and performs their own original songs about people’s life, love and today’s world.