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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Use Prescription hCG Levels, Enhanced by a Diabetes Diet Plan, to Reduce Weight and Improve Quality of Life

Diet Doc diet plans are designed to address each unique cause of weight gain and use tailored approaches to weight loss, such as their diabetes diet, combined with prescription hCG levels to help patients lose weight and improve their quality of life.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Not all dieters in Texas suffer from the same causes of weight gain; therefore, it follows that not every diet plan will be able to adequately address each dieter’s needs. With this principle in mind, Diet Doc created their weight loss protocol to offer diet plans that are able to identify the patient’s unique underlying causes of weight gain and determine the solution to those issues. For instance, because excessive weight gain is associated with increased diabetes symptoms, Diet Doc’s weight loss experts can work with their Texas clients to create a diabetes diet that helps them lose weight fast and improve their health. By also incorporating prescription strength hCG levels into their programs, patients are able to see fast results without any of the negative side effects sometimes seen with a reduction of caloric intake.

Each potential Diet Doc patient will initially consult with a physician, individually trained in prescription hCG levels and specialized programs like the diabetes diet, to determine whether a prescription hormone diet plan is appropriate for helping them reach their weight loss goals. Unlike other hCG diet plans, each Diet Doc patient will speak one-on-one with a physician to discuss their medical history, previous attempts at weight loss and their future goals for losing weight. During this initial consultation, patients will begin to develop their personalized diet plan, like a diabetes diet plan, that combines prescription hCG levels with healthy meals to flush excess, stored fat out of the patient’s body.

The hCG levels contained within each Diet Doc treatment are the standard for safe and effective weight loss. Unfortunately, many hCG diet programs promote their treatments as an efficient way to lose weight, but, in reality, they only contain homeopathic hCG levels that are too low to produce weight loss results. Choosing a diet program that only uses the highest quality of ingredients and appropriate hCG levels is imperative for a safe and successful diet plan.

Because Diet Doc treatments are most beneficial to their patients when combined with a healthy, low calorie meal plan, each patient will also consult with a certified nutritionist to create a daily plan that works for them. Diet Doc nutritionists are able to create special diets, like a diabetes diet, designed to alleviate the causes and symptoms of weight gain and weight-related illness. Patients suffering from diabetes will learn which diabetes diet foods are best able to reduce their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. And, because of the extensive training each Diet Doc nutritionist receives, patients following diabetes diets not only improve their health, they also shed unwanted and embarrassing fat.

The entire Diet Doc team of nurses, physicians and nutritionists is dedicated to guiding and supporting each patient through this important, and often life-changing, journey. To better serve their clients, each team member makes themselves available for unlimited consultations, six days per week. Should patients have questions about their meal plan or their weight loss progress, they are able to speak with a weight loss professional over the phone or the internet and in the comfort of their own home.

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