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Diabetic Socks Featuring Copper-Infused Yarn Are Now Available from Orthotic Shop Website


Warren, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- According to statistics, just under 26 million people in the United States have diabetes. People who are living with this health condition often suffer from complications with their feet, including foot ulcers that do not heal properly, and a loss of feeling. As a result, it is imperative that diabetics take extra-good care of their feet, making sure that they are clean, dry, and free from blisters and other sores at all times.

A website has been getting a lot of attention lately for its outstanding selection of diabetic socks that are perfect for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Orthotic Shop recently introduced the line of compression socks to its website, and they are already a huge hit with customers who are interested in purchasing socks that are manufactured with a diabetic’s foot health in mind.

Called Aetrex Copper Socks, the seamless socks are made of materials that actually wick moisture away from the foot, which helps to prevent blisters and sores from forming. In addition, some of the newly-added socks feature copper infused yarn.

“The copper ions infused into the yarn prevent bacteria and fungi from growing in the sock, creating a clean, fresh environment that controls odor,” an article on the company’s website explained, adding that copper has been shown to provide healing benefits including rejuvenating the skin and improving its appearance and texture.

“Health benefits of the copper socks have been shown through laboratory studies, military testing, and podiatrist clinical observations.”

Cupron, the company that infuses the copper into the socks, utilizes manufacturing technology that permanently binds its proprietary copper compound to textile fibers. As a result, the copper-based protection that is offered by the Aetrex Copper Socks will last as long as the socks themselves, and will not wear out despite numerous washings and repeated wear.

People who are interested in learning more about the new diabetic socks that are available from Orthotic Shop are welcome to visit the company’s user-friendly website at any time. There, they can read in-depth information about the copper-infused socks and why they are so helpful with promoting diabetic foot care. Each style of compression socks that is available includes a color photo as well as a full description of the product, including sizes, colors and features.

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Orthotic Shop helps people with foot, heel, or arch pain. The company carries high-quality comfort shoes for plantar fasciitis which provides relief so people can be active on their feet again. In addition to the comfort shoes, supportive slippers, and arch support sandals, the company also has orthotics and insoles that are also perfect for people with plantar fasciitis and to control / correct foot pronation. Orthotic Shop recently added a line of diabetic socks to its inventory. For more information, please visit http://www.orthoticshop.com/diabetic-socks