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Diabetix, a New Development in Blood Sugar Management, Is Now Available from GetDiabetix.com Website


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- An exciting new development in blood sugar management, diabetix™, is now available to help consumers naturally maintain lower blood sugar levels. The innovative new product is available for purchase at the GetDiabetix.com website.

Following years of clinical research tied to flavonoids, diabetix features Emulin ®, an all-natural combination of unique metabolic modifiers. This patented formula includes an organic green coffee bean extract and has been shown to lower blood sugar and reduce absorption of calories from the diet by up to 36 percent.

Studies of emulin were conducted by two of the world’s leading research institutions: Eurofins, an international leader in bio-analytical testing and the Diabetes and Glandular Disease Clinic (DGD), a recognized Center of Excellence by the American Diabetes Association. Diabetix is made from pure emulin.

“By introducing diabetix into the market, we are putting the power to control and maintain blood sugar using an all-natural product into the hands of our consumers,” says Andrew Nagy, director of diabetix.

“Our formulation is the result of years of clinical research and features green coffee bean extract, a proven way to lower blood sugar levels and reduce calorie absorption in a healthy, effective and safe manner.”

“Diabetix is revolutionary and unique,” says Dr. Daryl Thompson, chief scientist and creator of the Emulin formula used in diabetix.

“It works with your body to return high-blood sugar levels to normal, avoiding hypoglycemia.”

With diabetes reaching epidemic levels in the country, a new product like diabetix may help the millions of people who have trouble regulating their blood sugar get healthier.

As an article on the GetDiabetix.com website explained, diabetix is a naturally derived Sugar Defense™ compound, specially formulated to help maintain lower blood sugar levels and help with blood sugar control.

“Many modern conditions result from an uncontrolled intake of sugar or refined carbohydrates that can manifest in the body in different ways,” the article noted.

“High blood sugar raises your risk of weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. Diabetix works with the body’s natural mechanisms to interrupt sugar metabolism in seven, clinically-proven ways.”

About diabetix™
Diabetix™ is a registered company and holds distribution rights to Emulin ® throughout North America. The new product has been found to lower blood sugar while reducing the absorption of calories by as much as 36 percent. For more information, please visit https://www.getdiabetix.com