Diagnosing a "Non-Diagnosis", Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a Doctor's Mission


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- Dr. Jennifer Burns, NMD. As people there are many medical conditions we suffer that have a certain stigma. The stigma may be our willingness or our ability to talk about, share, or get a proper diagnosis. IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is such a condition, stigma.

As a sufferer with IBS, I have felt and dealt with the pain, anxiety, and its constant presence. As your current Doctor or Gastroentreologist may or may not have explained, IBS/Irritable Bowel Syndrome is called a diagnosis of exclusion. This means your condition does NOT fit into any specific category or digestive disorders. What is called a "non-diagnosis” solution.

Dr. Jennifer Burns, NMD of Arizona and of The Bien-Etre Center. Has nine years of experience coming up with solutions for sufferers of IBS, and 20 years personal IBS survivor. Dr. Burns, speaking from firsthand experience, has been on a journey for answers to IBS. First; in diagnosing the "non-diagnosis", then in looking and evaluating the WHOLE person not just the symptoms. This revelation came as she was drawing conclusions and solutions for herself.

Dr. Jennifer Burns:

- Graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.
- Preceptorship at Las Fuentes Health Clinic in Family Practice.
- Holistic Family Practitioner in Arizona.
- Member of Arbinger Professional Network.
- Published Researcher and Contributor in alternative medicine.
- Accomplished and sought after speaker for the Medical Community and people.

Dr. Burns: "As I was going through naturopathic school, I found the answers I was looking for. “Real Relief." Gone were the days of dreading public events and outings. Enjoying what I was doing as opposed to my IBS dictating my time and attention. Not having to search for restrooms and exits. "The solutions for me are easily transformed for you!" You DO NOT have to continue to live with IBS.

The approach is simple, practical, and natural. In diagnosing the "non-diagnosis": looking at the Persons Physical, Emotional, Mental areas and also the symptoms. Some areas I look at are e.g. the colon: it has all sorts of receptors for hormones, and how the colon deals with emotions. There IS a balance between the physical and the emotional.

About Dr. Jennifer Burns:
My experience and expertise is living proof and testimony to the solutions that lie ahead for you. Remove the stigma, stop the suffering, and start living! Contact Dr. Jennifer Burns and her Center today at You can live with the freedom you want and need, today!

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