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Dialogue Takes Center Stage in Third Installment of "How to Write a Movie Script" Series

How to Write a Script with Dialogue That Doesn’t Suck Helps Screenwriters Tackle the One Element That Makes Their Script Stand Out Most


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 -- While working as a temp for a Hollywood producer, ScriptBully Magazine editor Michael Rogan quickly learned why dialogue is the key to making a movie script stand out. He shares the insider secrets he learned plus a lot more in his audiobook How to Write a Script with Dialogue That Doesn’t Suck.

“Dialogue is the one part of movie scripts that readers, producers, story editors and development executives will absolutely read,” Rogan says.

It is also the one thing screenwriters struggle to master most. In the third audiobook from his “How to Write a Movie Script” series, Rogan comes to the aid of struggling screenwriters by offering spot-on instruction and real world exercises. With a running time of 52 minutes, Rogan leaves no room for filler. Each minute is packed with valuable writing advice and helpful script examples that challenge screenwriters to think differently about dialogue.

“Dialogue's main job really should be creating cool, witty verbal battles that we wish we were smart enough to have in real life,” says Rogan.

To teach budding screenwriters how to write a movie script with that type of dialogue magic, Rogan urges them to step away from their keyboards. His workshop-style exercises involve studying riveting dialogue in films and even eavesdropping on conversations to get a better pulse on how dialogue organically flows.

As an added bonus, Rogan offers listeners a free pdf version of the audiobook and a sample screenwriting scene that uses all the techniques he discusses.

How to Write a Script with Dialogue That Doesn’t Suck is available now for download from Amazon.

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