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Diamond Auto Body & Locksmith Have a New Mobile Design


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2016 -- Diamond Auto Body & Locksmith recently developed a new up-to-date mobile design for their company website. Customers can now easily access all the information they need directly from a device that fits in their pockets.

In the locksmith business, it is especially important to have an emergency app and a mobile friendly website. Most people who need emergency locksmith assistance are going to pull out their phones, not their laptops, to find a reliable company when they are in need.

It is with this in mind that Diamond Auto Body & Locksmith developed their new mobile design. The design is straightforward, informative, and clear, with a menu that is easy to navigate. Interested customers can easily find the phone number to contact them right at the top of the page. By tapping the number on the screen, customers can call the company directly to set up an appointment or request locksmith services.

Recent research has revealed that more than 50 percent of Americans spend more time browsing the internet on their mobile devices than their PCs. These individuals are certainly not wasting their time looking at websites with scripts that aren't mobile friendly and that require pinch and pull to navigate.

Creating a new mobile design for their website has given Diamond Auto Body & Locksmith a distinct business advantage. Customers in today's world of business value convenience, and a website that is easy to navigate on the phone saves them from having to sit down at a computer.

About Diamond Auto Body & Locksmith
Diamond Auto Body & Locksmith has a history of being attentive to the needs of their customers. They have adopted customer-friendly policies such as 24 hour availability and a 30 minute response time.

"We're all about making our customers feel comfortable," says Jack Garret, Marketing Manager for Diamond Auto Body & Locksmith. "If you're not prepared to keep up with the needs of your customers, you're not prepared to serve them. This new mobile design is our way of making life more convenient for our customers, new and old."

Jack Garret
Diamond Auto Body & Locksmith
Contact number: (972) 244-7111
Address: 1308 K Ave, Plano , TX, 75074