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Diamond Creek Chiropractor Combines Science and Chinese Medicine


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2018 -- Diamond Creek Chiropractic is combining modern science with ancient Chinese medicine practices for a holistic approach to wellbeing. The intermix of treatments enables the chiropractic professionals to address injuries, wounds and traumas, as well as physical symptoms and pain that arise as a result of emotional upheaval.

"We have been operating in Diamond Creek for over 25 years and offer friendly, professional services for chiropractic care," said Turley. "We are committed to helping you improve your overall health and wellbeing, thereby assisting you to get the most out of life."

The chiropractic practice specializes in gentle, low-force care that does not include "cracking the spine." The treatments are safe and effective for patients ranging from birth to the aged. For many individuals, their first visit to a chiropractor may be confusing and cause anxiety. Every effort is made to help patients relax and understand every facet of exams, tests and treatments.

Chiro Diamond Creek provides treatment for a wide range of conditions encompassing headaches to foot pain for a head-to-toe wellness solution. Chiropractic care is applicable for current conditions, prior injuries and wounds that cause residual pain, and multiple types of chronic conditions that include COPD, heart disease and stroke, neurological diseases and brain trauma.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture techniques provided by a Reiki Master provide help for those who are experiencing grief, emotional loss, stress and trauma. Myotherapy is available for acute and chronic muscle-related problems, along with sports injuries. The specialist is also the team myotherapist for the Victoria Women's' State Hockey team. Podiatry services are also offered, along with hypnotherapy to address fears and phobias, weight loss and smoking cessation, stress relief, insomnia and IB syndrome.

The combination of modern treatment methods combined with Chinese techniques for addressing injuries, misalignments and wounds for chiropractic care in Diamond Creek ensure a treatment option for patients of all ages. The wide range of services offered at Diamond Creek Chiropractic provides treatment that heals, relieves pain and improves quality of life.

Media Contact:
Kevin Turley
Phone: (03) 9438 6739
122 Main Hurstbridge Rd., Diamond Creek, 3089