Diamond Envy Announces Their Support of Wounded Warrior Project

Money from the sale of every yellow diamond will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project on July 4, 2016, reports DiamondEnvy.com


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2015 -- Diamond Envy announces they will donate 5 percent of every sale of a yellow diamond from this year to the Wounded Warrior Project on July 4, 2016. The Wounded Warrior Project offers support programs for individuals who are wounded while serving the country. These wounds include those that are both visible and invisible, and these brave men and women need assistance when recovering from their injuries and as they move back into civilian life. Diamond Envy is proud to offer this support.

"Wounded Warrior Project considers the greatest casualty of war to be those who are forgotten. They offer a range of successful programs to assist wounded veterans, including Project Odyssey, a program designed to help veterans develop new coping skills. The program boasts a 95 percent success rate, and diamondenvy is proud to play a role in the continuation of this great program," Emily, spokesperson for Diamond Envy, announces.

The most famous of all yellow diamonds is the Tiffany Yellow, which is believed to have been discovered in South Africa at the De Beers Mine back in 1877 or 1878. When discovered, the yellow diamond weighed 287.43 metric carats. It was valued in 1983 at $12,000,000 and is a prime specimen of a canary-yellow octahedron. Unfortunately, major gemological organizations have yet to examine this diamond, thus some dispute the accuracy of these claims.

"Many experts declare the Kimberly Octahedron to be the world's largest yellow diamond. This diamond weighs 616 carats and was also found in South Africa, but in the Dutoitspan Mine. Regardless of which yellow diamond is actually the world's largest, these diamonds are a beautiful alternative to traditional white diamonds," Emily explains.

Impurities trapped within the diamonds are what lead to the yellow color of this gem. When some of the carbon atoms in the diamond are replaced with nitrogen atoms, the diamond emits a yellow color. This is due to the amount of color displayed.

"Numerous celebrities have been seen wearing yellow diamonds, including Heidi Klum, Joy Enriquez and Johnny Damon's wife, Michelle Mangan. Consider purchasing a yellow diamond from diamondenvy today. It is sure to attract attention, regardless of where it is worn," Emily promises.

About Diamond Envy
Established in 2013 to bring colored diamonds to the general public at wholesale prices, Diamond Envy works in New York's famous Diamond District, having done so for 15 years, and has expanded their diamond wholesale operation. The company sources rough diamonds from conflict-free, ethical suppliers, cuts and polishes them to a finished state, and sells these gems to the wholesale market. Now, the company sells to retail customers, sharing the high quality inventory. A new concept in diamond e-commerce, Diamond Envy serves as a curated source of the best certified fancy color diamonds and jewelry. All pieces are offered at wholesale prices to clients, the company's most precious resource.