Diamond Envy Launches Pink Diamond Wholesale Program in Light of Mounting Scarcity

Bypassing industry markups in the retail diamond sector provides greater access to waning supply of rare stones, publishes diamondenvy.com.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- Among the most elusive of gemstones, pink diamonds constitute less than 2 percent of the world's diamond reserve; as such, they are also one of the most valuable varieties. Due to rarity and expense, far fewer people have been given the opportunity to own such a stone than who seek one. With this in mind, a spokesperson for Diamond Envy has launched the company's wholesale pink diamond program.

Said the spokesperson, "In many cases, the reasons for much of the cost of diamonds, especially those rare varieties, are retail markups. Diamond Envy was established in 2013 to bring colored diamonds to retail customers at wholesale prices, and we are excited to share our high quality inventory directly with consumers. Our diamondenvy.com Pink Diamonds Price is the most competitive available to those hoping to purchase these lovely stones."

Colored Diamonds at Diamondenvy are available in a range of hues, including red, purple, blue, green, black, gray, yellow, orange, champagne and chameleon. Aforementioned pink versions hail from Australia's Argyle Diamond Mine, the sole unfailing source of these gems discovered to date. Adding to the current scarcity of these stones is the projected exhaustion of the Argyle Mine in 2018.

Consumers should pay close attention to the color, carat, clarity and cut of a diamond when choosing one for purchase. Contrary to popular belief, carat weight is not the primary deciding factor in the brilliance of such a stone; rather, cut plays a more significant role in this aspect. Facets created to deeply or shallowly will prevent the diamond from reflecting light as it should.

The company spokesperson concluded, "We offer an extensive selection of necklace, bracelet, earring and ring designs ready for purchase. If clients wish, they may also choose from among our inventory of loose stones and create customized pieces. Our diamondenvy colored diamonds are fully certified and hold the highest quality available. We look forward to helping our clients become owners of some of the world's most unique stones with our new wholesale pink diamond program."

About Diamond Envy
For 15 years the staff of Diamond Envy has worked in New York's famed Diamond District as diamond wholesalers, sourcing rough diamonds from ethical, conflict-free suppliers, cutting and polishing them into their finished state, and selling them to the wholesale market. Their method is a new concept in diamond e-commerce, a curated source of the best certified fancy-color diamonds and jewelry at wholesale prices made available to a resource even more valuable to them than their inventory: their clients.