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Diamond Investments Are Always Smart Says Expert Koby Kamhaji

Low Risk, High Returns and Guaranteed Profits with Diamond Investments


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- Good investments will always have these qualities such as investments that can retain their value irrespective of outward elements and stock market crashes; no maintenance; no monopoly; portability and must possess international value. Koby Kamhaji, a diamond expert and traders says that diamond investments ideally have all these qualities. However, before buying any diamond or a precious jewel or gem for that matter, one must know how to measure the quality of that stone. It is important to get answers to questions such as how to buy a diamond, what to look at in a diamond, how to be sure that the diamond is 100% real and how to differentiate genuine diamonds from fakes.

There are a variety of factors that influence the price of the diamonds. There may be two diamonds that are totally identical but have a huge price variation. This is because of the way the diamond has been processed, cut or designed. It is also important to buy certified diamonds be it loose diamonds or diamond jewellery. This will have a better resale value because certificates are issued to real diamonds only. Many investors also prefer investing in gold but price of gold is also subject to the changes in world economy. Investment in commodities and shares also comes with uncertainty and volatility.

Diamond Investments are by far some of the most tangible investments with low risk and guaranteed returns. They are also portable investments that can be carried around the world and converted at the same time. Diamonds are now the new international currency. They are the only investments that can be adorned as well as sold for profits. One can also protect their capital by investing in diamonds. It is important to learn the value of a diamond in terms of the 4 factors such as Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity which actually influence the value of the diamonds.

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About Koby Kamhaji
Koby Kamhaji is a specialist in diamond investments and currently works as a manager at the Diamond Investment Institute. Koby is also a Gemologist and an Economist. He possesses immense knowledge of diamonds and offers extremely useful information on why diamond investments are safe and how should one invest in diamonds and everything about diamond investments.

Koby Kamhaji
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