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Diamond Tape Introduces New Product "Carry Handle Tapes"

Diamond adhesive tapes introduces its new product named as “Diamond Carry Handle Tape” which is the all in one solution to carry small products such as bottles and bags easily and efficiently from one place to another.


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- Diamond Tapes introduces its new product “Carry Handle Adhesive Tapes”, which is a specialty tape for providing ease in carrying several packets and bundles of juices, drinks, mineral water and other household stuff. Since this tape combines comfort and efficiency in a professional manner therefore handle tapes are in high demand in gulf countries such as UAE, Saudi and Oman, as well as Europe, USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

The company’s carry handle tapes come in many sizes, adhesive type and surfaces. They are even available for general and explicit purposes. Carry handle adhesive tapes are used worldwide by top FMCG manufacturers and private bottlers. They can be based on paper or film which depends solely upon the required economical pricing and marketing needs since one can attach a logo or picture by printing it on the paper used in handle tape. Many companies are using this tape as a marketing tool which is both effective and inexpensive.

These tapes offer great machinability since they are compatible with several types of carry handle applicator machines available in market. They also offer successful adhesive solution for a broad range of applications as they can carry weights up to twenty kilograms which is more than a person can easily carry in one hand, this also show the sticky power of carry adhesive tapes.

Carry handle tape works well to link lightweight materials such as plastic and paper to stuff which is moderately heavy. Carry tapes come in rolls of diverse widths, lengths, and thicknesses. These are also manufactured according to customer’s special size requirement.

Diamond tapes is a trusted name in adhesive tape products, they are into the production of many other tapes as well, such as; flame retardant tape, aluminum foil tape, single and double sided foam tape, double sided polyester tape, etc. Since their product provides good primary tacking and high performance bond in a wide range of applications therefore it presents enormous value for their customers’ money.

About Diamond adhesive tapes
Diamond adhesive tapes is division of Hira Industries LLC since 1996 manufacturing specialty tapes for general purpose and industry uses. It has a modern factory setup in United Arab Emirates with fully automated machines producing adhesive tapes.

Media Contact,
Owais Ahmed
Dubai, UAE.