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Diamond Technology Inc. Launches Customized Business Intelligence Brokering Hub


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2012 -- Diamond Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their customized Business Intelligence Brokering Hub Database Solution for connecting disparate business IT systems and databases. Since 1995, the California Bay Area consultants have been providing a wide range of outsourced Professional Database Management and IT consultant services to businesses, government and other organizations in a wide variety of vertical market segments.

While most modern businesses today run on networks in which databases play a critical role, an evolving interconnected world has created an increasing need for information exchange across disparate systems and departments. To fill that need, the Business Intelligence consulting experts of Diamond Technologies Inc. (DTI) have just launched their customized Business Intelligence Brokering Hub Database Solution. “There are thousands of businesses and organizations that need to be able to have access to vital information in real time across systems that do not normally communicate,” said Paul Antony, Director of Technical Services. “This new solution makes that possible with an automated framework that is highly adaptable across almost any field, business, or organization.”

The DTI custom-built Business Intelligence Brokering Hub facilitates interconnection and communication between business systems that otherwise are unable to communicate. The Hub allows requests and transfer of information to save valuable time and reduce errors by automating an otherwise time-consuming manual process. The custom designed product is built to plug and play into most any environment and provides processes like message queuing, routing and notification services to pass and retrieve vital information between business systems.

The specialists of Diamond Technology are experts in a wide range of Database, Computer Network, and IT solutions. Their database services include database platform installation and management (Oracle, Microsoft Access, SQL Servers and MySQL), and database development and customization among others. They also provide their clients with computer network and PC support, ironclad disaster recovery planning as well as installation of Remote Access Servers and VPNs. “Our goal is to ensure the performance, security, and availability of each client's database and computer infrastructure by being an easily scalable extension of each client's organization.” said Paul Antony. “We accomplish this by providing the flexibility to increase or decrease support coverage when needed.” For more information, please visit http://www.itconsultantsinbayarea.com/

About Diamond Technology Inc.
Founded in 1995 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Diamond Technology Inc. was born out of the idea that businesses, government and other organizations can benefit from more cost and operational flexibility in meeting their IT infrastructure support needs. Too often, organizations decide to invest in hiring additional expensive IT employees, or make a conscious decision not to higher more employees, thus overburdening current IT staff with excessive workloads. DTI’s goal is to allow its clients to quickly address database and computer infrastructure support needs, all at a fraction of the time and cost of increasing or decreasing permanent staff members.

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