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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2016 -- Are people in the market for a piece or pieces of significant jewelry? The perfect engagement ring or eternity ring? Even a dress ring perhaps. Want some nice diamond earrings, a diamond bracelet but not sure where should start. If people haven't bought any serious jewelry before but would be interested in finding information about the best cuts, the best prices, the sizes, the shapes that would be good for the type of jewelry. What diamonds show up best in what settings, how different stones can be put together. How to avoid getting conflict stones. Why people need a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification for stone or stones and what it means look no further than https://diamondcutsintherough.com the new blog site for everything diamond related.

Diamonds come from volcanic rock that has to be exceptionally deep they have usually been formed by compression over 150 to 200 kilometres down in the earth. They are formed by the forces of compression that occur in volcanos where the pressures are immense. The forces that create them also force them up towards the surface of the earth. Diamond mines are usually sited over old extinct volcanic flumes. Some of the largest ones are in Russia and Australia. There are also mines in the Arctic and South Africa as well.

Diamonds were first discovered about 3000 years ago probably in India. They started to be used in jewelry in an uncut form around the 1000s when they were used to decorate the crown of a hungarian queen, The first cut for stones was developed in the 1300s with the first diamond engagement ring being given to Mary of Burgundy by Maximillian the Holy Roman Emperor in 1477. This was what started the tradition of the proposal with the diamond ring. Another cut, the rose cut was developed in the 1500s. The crown jewels of many kings and queens include diamonds. Catherine the Great was famed for wearing a very large amount of diamonds throughout her reign and a diamond choker was sold recently at Sotherbys for $15,000. She also had the Orlov diamond weighing in at 189 carats set into the Imperial Sceptre.

Not all diamonds are created equal. The majority of diamonds that are mined are industrial. Too dull and flawed to ever be used in high end jewelry. These are used quite often to cut other diamonds or to cut other items that are exceptionally hardness. The cost of mining them is recouped easily because they are so hard and last so long

Of the ones that are left the majority are clear and are 100 percent carbon. Then there are the rarest of them all. The colored diamonds. Only about 1% of the rest are colored diamonds. These are diamonds that have had other substances introduced into the stones during the compression process. These diamonds are not only incredibly rare but they are hard to find in larger sizes. By far the rarest and and therefore the most coveted being red diamonds. There are only a few of these and only 1 of these has been ever found that is of a size greater than 1 carat. Coloured diamonds can be hard to get out of the ground without breaking them.

The next in rarity are pink diamonds. Yellow are the most common of the colored diamonds but they are still rare in comparision with the colorless stones. There are also blue green and orange but most dealers have never seen them. If they are found at all they would soon be the subject of international news.

A diamond ring is not just a diamond ring it is usually an expression of the deepest love and is generally an expensive purchase. Not one that people want to make lightly. These experts will determine the carat and cut of a ring. The different cuts that can show off a ring to its best advantage.

Brilliant cuts are the most typical cut of diamond cut that is found in a ring but this cut does not always give a ring especially a small ring much of a sparkle. A flatter cut such as an Asccher or Emerald cut can often show a diamond in a better light and look better in a ring.

But diamond rings are not the only jewelry that this site can find . Diamonds are used in many different types of jewelry. To find out the very best information regarding all kinds of diamond jewelry.

The best information to give these experts are:


Find out exactly what you are willing to spend and let them know, the site will find the best deals.


What type of metal want to use? Gold either White, Yellow or Rose, Platignum, Palladium or even Silver can all be used in diamond jewelry obviously this can have a significant effect on the cost of the jewelry that can be afforded.

The shape of the stone or stones

The price of jewelry item can be very dependent on the carat and also the cut. If it is for a ring some cuts are better on smaller hands than larger ones. The Brilliant cut and Marquise cuts look very good in certain circumstances but not all. The emerald cut and asscher cuts can be better for some stones as the flatter cut can make the stone look better and more reflective.

Will the ring fit the lifestyle of the wearer

Its no good buying a huge ostentatious ring if the work that the wearer does means that the ring gets in the way. Amal Clooney apparently has changed her diamond engagement ring to something less ostentatious because her ring was becoming a distraction as it was so large. That kind of defeats the object of having a ring really.

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