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Beware of Sites Claiming to Sell "Wholesale" Diamonds

Buy Diamonds “At Wholesale Prices,” not “At Wholesale.”


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- There are a number of Internet sites that claim to sell diamonds wholesale. Unless they are actually selling in bulk to diamond distributors that are going to resell them, however, those claims are a bogus marketing trick and are actually illegal. Blueriver Diamonds Jewelry offers no tricks or gimmicks - only diamonds and fine jewelry at wholesale prices. A second generation seller, Blueriver Diamonds Jewelry has established a reputation for offering customers exceptional quality and service.

The Internet has a lot of amazing deals and products on it, but it also has a lot of scams. Shady business practices that take place within the world of online diamonds are no different. Customers are probably not looking to buy “wholesale diamonds,” unless they work for a jewelry manufacturer. Instead, they are looking to buy diamonds “at wholesale prices.” That distinction may seem small, but if customers are only in need of one or two diamonds, they should rethink how they look for a gemstone. For an engagement ring, earring, or necklace, the focus should be on the price, size, and cut of the diamond. As a general rule, the word “wholesale” does not necessarily mean the best diamond for purchase.

To find loose diamonds and jewelry of all styles at wholesale prices, go to Blueriver Diamonds Jewelry to review. Blueriver is an online diamond retailer that sells at prices commensurate with what customers would pay if they actually were buying in bulk. They sell individual diamonds for replacements or privately made pieces, and finished jewelry pieces like rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Customers can also design their own pieces, choosing from thousands of styles, cuts, and colors.

To contact Blueriver Diamonds Jewelry, call (908) 546-2649. Customers can also “like” them on Facebook, or search their entire catalog on their website at

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Blueriver Diamonds Jewelry has been offering diamonds and fine jewelry at wholesale prices since 1975. They will beat any price and ship worldwide. With their diamond search feature, which is the best in the industry, it will find the best prices for certified diamonds by EGL & GIA.