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Diana's Seafood Delight Offers Oysters Which Provide Many Health Benefits


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2012 -- Oysters offer many health benefits. Oysters contain zinc which the human body requires for DNA reproduction and repair. The zinc found in oysters benefits humans in many other ways though. Zinc not only enhances the immune system, it helps the body repair damaged tissues and 80 mg of zinc taken daily improves vision and reduces the risk of macular degeneration due to normal aging. Oysters have the highest zinc content of all foods, according to Chris Pipergias, media contact for Diana's Seafood Delight. For this reason, Chris Pipergias states, everyone should make oysters a part of their regular diet.

"Consumers visiting our market will find a wide selection to choose from. Kumamoto Oysters are one type carried at our Seafood Market in Toronto. These oysters range from 1.5 to 2.5 inches in size and are harvested in Washington although they are originally from the Kumamoto area of Kyushu, Japan. All oysters used in our Toronto seafood restaurant are fresh and the same is true of the oysters sold to consumers," Chris Pipergias goes on to say.

For those who prefer larger oysters, Shigoku oysters may be a better option. According to Chris Pipergias, Shigoku mean 'The Ultimate' in Japanese. These oysters range in size from two to three inches and all are fresh from Washington State, Samish Bay. "Our Toronto Oyster Market also offers Beausoleil Oysters harvested in New Brunswick. These oysters, on average, are between two and a half to three inches and all are fresh from Canada. With many varieties to choose from, consumers are sure to find exactly what they need at any time," Chris Pipergias continues.

"While visiting the market, be sure to check out the specials and ask about any recipes appropriate for the seafood selections being made. Learn about events Diana's Seafood Market will be participating in and place an order for an upcoming event," Chris Pipergias goes on to say. "Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn about upcoming specials and events. Oysters are great year round and may be used in a variety of recipes. Our goal here at Diana's Seafood Delight is to ensure consumers have everything needed for a great meal on a daily basis. Not only will the food be delicious, but eating oysters offers many health benefits that shouldn't be discounted."

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Diana's Seafood Delight is the finest fish market to be found in Ontario. Offering a wide variety of fresh fish from all four corners of the globe, the wholesale distribution centre caters to Toronto's best restaurants and hotels each and every day. The seafood salad offered at Diana's Seafood Delight is the best to be found in North America. Freshness is the top concern of clients and Diana's Seafood Delight makes this their top priority. The goal is to provide consumers with the freshest products, each carefully selected based on quality and price.