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Did You Enjoy Your CRM Deployment?


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- What happens when you mix Slack with your email, your contacts, MailChimp and Wordpress? You have a homemade customer relationship management system built on IDEA2's platform.

For the technical executives who would pick Sugar CRM for deployment, the IDEA2 platform is a great alternative method for building a system with the components that techies and users alike can appreciate.

Almost 70% of CRM implementations fail for various reasons. On the sales side, the failure is in the user interface as salespeople find using the product challenging and/or time consuming. On the technical side, the reasons range from the core having to be customer to connect to other company systems or the system can't provide the proper notifications, GUI or dashboard. Enter IFTTT: if that, then this. It is quickly becoming the new way to build software systems.

By taking a commonly accepted messaging app like Slack as the user interface and connecting actions to the email client, the contact list, a cloud-based MySQL database, the company has the basis for a cloud deployed CRM system. Add in functionality from MailChimp and other widely adopted software in order to add actions that the users and management desire.

Instead of building your own, companies are now able to use the long awaited magic of API and leverage the consumerized IT in their environment to create systems that are user friendly and familiar. This will make the system easier to use and more likely to be used.

On the back-end, the IT staff can have dynamic control over many of the elements of the system. It is this type of Agile development that will give a company – especially mid-sized organizations – the flexibility and competitiveness that the cloud has aspired to but not fully delivered yet.

Most software comes packed with too much functionality. Businesses aren't just looking for functions, they are looking for solutions and business process improvements. Today, that environment can be delivered by IDEA2, a New York City based PAAS company. The IDEA2 platform allows companies to build fully stacked applications that are browser based – even mobile browser based. No more mobile app development. How do you CRM? Surf over to to start your journey into agile development that users will enjoy.

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IDEA2 began as a custom software firm that advanced a developer platform for nimble software creation. IT departments and software developers can quickly launch applications created on the platform with nothing more than Javascript programming skills. Call IDEA2 today to find out how easy it can be to deploy software users want.

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