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Did You Know Focus Groups Are the Secret Behind Successfully Launching a New Product?

Branding Los Angeles offers managed focus groups allowing businesses to gain valuable feedback from potential clients at both the pre-launch and post-launch development phases. For further information: or call us on 310.479.6444


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- It is an established fact in the marketing industry that focus groups are an important development tool for businesses of all kinds. Running a focus group allows a company to gauge the reaction of potential customers to a new product or service before it’s launch or alternatively to gain feedback at the post launch stage on how things can be improved. This information is extremely relevant to overall future development, and making a customer orientated approach easier to implement.

When it comes to branding a company in the unique business environment of Los Angeles, what people think matters a lot, and can be a determining factor for success. At various development stages of a new company, market feedback is something which must be taken into account. Focus groups at an early stage of development provide the perfect opportunity to get an outside perspective on how things such as the company name, slogans and taglines will be received after launch. By carrying out a focus group before making a final decision on important branding aspects, problems that may not have occurred to the core team members can be discovered and avoided. This is the reason that big companies will always run focus groups before launching a new product, gaining outside perspective through market research is paramount. Smaller businesses should not overlook the importance of this, as it is even more relevant when working with a smaller number of people.

Branding Los Angeles can optimize a focus group for a business of any size, with our extensive experience of running focus groups coupled with our exceptional local knowledge and marketing expertise. Our focus groups are moderated by professionals in data collection, and normally target the following key topics:

- Company names
- Slogans and taglines
- Domain name research
- Direct product feedback

To discuss the ways in which our focus group services can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact us on 310.479.6444 or through our website.


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