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Diecast Auctions: Auction Site for Diecast Models Collectors and Enthusiasts


Gosport, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- New auction website launched by the Diecast Auctions Company which fills a previous gap in the market for diecast enthusiasts worldwide. Diecast Auctions is proud to an-nounce its official launch of a new website diecast-auctions.com. The concept started in July 2014 is now in full swing. diecast-auctions.com is a UK based auction website for diecast (or die-cast) objects such as toys and models. The site was started by Stephen Morris to fill a gap in the market where there was a need for an auction site purely die-cast models and toys for collectors and enthusiasts.

Unlike any other diecast model site, diecast-auctions.com allows people to both buy and sell items in an auction format. The site works very much like like Ebay in its functionali-ty and navigation. It is simple to use, and signing up as a registered users is a simple process.

On the site, users will find categories for many types of die-cast models and toys that the site has t offer ranging from single Corgi, Dinky , Matcbox and other brand models and toys to job lots and more., The site has something for everyone interested in diecast models.

diecast auctions is also a great place to make money. Just like any other auction site, users can sign up and sell anything diecast related. It provides an opportunity to make some cash for selling off any old diecast toys that have been sitting in the attic, basement or loft for years gathering dust or for the diecast collector to locate new exciting finds for their collection. According to the site owners, “the site sis et up by collectors of diecast toys exclusively for the buying and selling of Diecast Models, The term die-cast toy here refers to any toy or collectible model produced by using the die casting method. Diecast toys are made entirely of metal but often have details made of plastic, rubber, and even glass.”

About Diecast Actions
Being a reliable and trustworthy company renowned for providing value Diecast Auctiosn has recently developed a great auction website service where site fees are free for sellers.”Diecast-auctions" is solely dedicated to providing an efficient service where sell-ing die cast objects is made easy for dealers and buyers can easily purchase, making it one of the best business services dedicated to helping die cast collectors and enthusiasts , and it is expected to grow in the upcoming months as it gains exposure.

For more information about diecast-auctions.com, please email founder Stephen Morris at admin@diecast-auctions.com
all who would like to take a look at this auction website can visit www.diecast-auctions.com