SmashBrand's WayFare Package Design Featured on the Dieline

SmashBrand, a packaging and business brand design firm, recently received recognition for its WayFare dairy-free ice cream packaging from leading package design industry icon The Dieline. Photos of SmashBrand's designs are currently on display at


Eden, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- SmashBrand, a dynamic graphics, branding and web development design firm, has received rave reviews for its WayFare dairy-free ice cream package design. The latest kudos come from The Dieline, an online publication dedicated to promoting the industry's best and brightest brand designers. The editors recently selected SmashBrand's WayFare packaging as a featured design project on

The Dieline is the foremost package design website for graphics professionals worldwide and enjoys the largest readership in the industry. As a featured firm on, SmashBrand joins an exclusive yet international group of creative talent that is influencing people's product perceptions and purchasing decisions.

SmashBrand has been working with WayFare, a Montana-based company, to produce packaging that reflects not only the delicious nature of their frozen dessert products but also the company's healthful, all-natural brand. Thanks to vivid graphics and artful design, SmashBrand has effectively captured the essence of WayFare's branding on each individual dairy-free ice cream package.

A unique group of professionals who bring a high-test infusion of passion, experience and expertise to the firm, the SmashBrand team sets out to tell each client's story in graphic terms that effectively win and retain the attention of the consumer target market. According to WayFare, their new ice cream packaging does just that. They agree with customers who call the graphics on the containers "unbelievable."

With a powerhouse portfolio that ranges from sports energy products to video game branding, SmashBrand continues to earn its leadership position in the package design and web development industry by virtue of its passion, innovation and commitment to perfection. As a small company, it invests the time necessary to work one-on-one with each client, creating rock-solid branding that communicates the unique and compelling vision of each company.

Its recent recognition by The Dieline reaffirms that SmashBrand's creative contribution to the package design industry thus far has set a new standard in graphic design. It also raises the bar for future standout efforts by SmashBrand's small but supercharged creative team. Judging by past performances, the team welcomes new challenges. Please visit

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