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Diesel Engine Care Extended Service Plans Offered for Ford Vehicles by Anderson and Koch Ford Warranty.

Drivers Protect Their Diesel Ford Trucks with Warranties


North Branch, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- The Diesel Engine Care Extended Service Plans from Anderson and Koch Ford Warranty helps protect vehicle owners from facing potentially significant costs when the factory engine warranty has expired. Many truck drivers choose diesel vehicles for their power. Over time, however, the quality of these engines can begin to decline. Diesel vehicle owners often find that their vehicles eventually become more difficult to start, and experience issues when the oxygen traveling through the engine is no longer clean. Repairing these issues when they occur can be simple or costly, depending on the condition of the engine.

Anderson Koch Ford Warranty also offers Ford ESP Warranties for non-diesel vehicles. The most affordable Ford ESP Warranty plan is available for individuals that are within their factory 3/36,000 miles and is available as a 7-year plan. The available Ford Diesel Truck Warranties must be purchased before the factory engine warranty expires, and additional surcharges apply for snowplows, or vehicles that operate as ambulances, shuttles or tow trucks.

The Ford Premium Maintenance Plan, and Ford ESP Premium Care are among the options available.

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For more information on the Ford Extended Service Plan Cost, visit All Ford Warranties are valid for use in the United States and Canada at every Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealership. Call 1-800-758-3673 for more information.