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Diet and Fitness-Related Website “My Diet Area” Reviews 4 Brands of Ab Toning Belts


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2011 -- Most people, when asked to describe what body part they would like to shape up the most, would probably reply with “my abs.” Every day, millions of men and women diet and do countless sit ups in the quest to have a flatter stomach.

Ab toning belts offer another route to stronger abdominal muscles. Far from the “fat jiggling” machines that were popular back in the 1950s, an ab belt uses the same technology that has been used on physical therapy patients for the past two decades.

In general, ab belts are made with a gel pad that fits over the user’s abdominal muscles. The product sends a charge through the gel pad to the muscles underneath, as well as to the muscles that branch out from the abdominal area. These signals reach the abdominal muscles, which causes them to contract and flex. This, in theory, can help the user’s ab muscles become stronger as well as more toned.

But does the ab belt actually work? MyDietArea.com, a website devoted to providing its visitors with reviews of fitness equipment, diet plans, and more, recently reviewed four of the most popular ab belts: Flex Belt, Contour Abs Belt, SportElec Shape’n’Tone, and the Slendertone Flex. The website compares price, number of gel pads, money back guarantee information and rates each product on a five-point scale, as well as including a description of each of the ab belts.

For example, the review of the Flex Belt said that it is easy to use, and works for everyone. It is 50 percent stronger than other models, and the website noted that customers who left comments felt that this brand gave it better results that other types of ab belts.

On the other hand, the Contour Abs, also known as the Contour Belt, Contour Ab Belt or Ab Contour, does not seem to have the same high quality construction of the Flex Belt.

“Since the price is nearly the same at the Flex Belt, the Flex Belt is obviously the better value for your money,” the website stated, concluding that overall, using some type of ab toning belt can make a difference in the strength of the abdominal muscles.

“If you want to improve the condition of your abs, then there’s no doubt that using an electronic ab belt to give you the strength and tone you want makes sense,” the website said.

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