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Diet Doc Announces Free Weight Loss for 5 Willing Participants

Diet Doc has announced free weight loss to five clients willing to lose more than 40 pounds and document their transition.


Myrtle Beach, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight via a commercially- designed weight loss system knows that dieting can be quite expensive. Point-keeping regimens, frozen boxed meals, and specialty diet foods are all incorporated in the most popular for-sale types of weight loss plans, each with its own price range, most becoming fairly expensive. Already a leader in affordable clinical weight loss plans, Diet Doc feels that it's high time to help people lose weight for free, and thus has announced free weight loss to five clients willing to lose more than 40 pounds and document their transition.

In an attempt to inspire more Americans to lose weight, Diet Doc is looking for candidates for the company's free weight loss program, reimbursing five individuals for all money paid after weight is lost.

The specific details of this free weight loss give away are as follows:

Participants must have 40 pounds or more to lose. A Diet Doc doctor will evaluate each participant and determine how much weight the participant stands to lose safely and reliably. Weight loss goals are established based on overall health, medical conditions, age, gender, and other personalized factors unique to each participant.

Participants must chronical their weight loss journey. Each participant is expected to record their weight loss journey to share with others trying to lose weight, inspiring them to strive for their goals. Each participant will record two Youtube videos per month detailing progress. In addition, participants will take before-and-after photographs twice per month, and keep a journal detailing their ups and downs to give other dieters better insight into how both the body and mind changes during weight loss.

Once weight is lost, and the participants' inspirational journey is sent to Diet Doc, the company will reimburse all expenses. Not only will all diet expenses be paid for by Diet Doc, including all doctor visits, weight loss medication and diet aids, nutritionist designed diet plans and unlimited support from Diet Doc staff, but the lucky five participants will also be rewarded with the knowledge that their particular journey will inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams as well.

Diet Doc's new customized diet plans offer accelerated fat loss via a comprehensive weight loss system, including all the tools and support needed to help users effectively achieve their desired weight loss goals. The Diet Doc accelerated diet plans vary in length depending on how much weight loss is desired, ranging from one month to three months, and can continue indefinitely as needed, as long as users include a rest period in between uses. These comprehensive accelerated fat loss plans include the following:

- Prescription hormone injections for weight loss
- Protein shakes
- Fat burning pure MCT oil
- Diet Doc multivitamin
- Metabolic evaluation
- Unlimited doctor consultations
- Nutritionist designed meal plans
- Unlimited support

Each Diet Doc diet plan begins with a comprehensive metabolic evaluation and doctor consultation, done easily with a wide-ranging health questionnaire and a telephone or video consultation with a licensed Diet Doc physician. All consultations take place in the privacy and comfort of the client's home. Once this evaluation is complete, and a Diet Doc doctor has evaluated patient need, prescription weight loss aids can be prescribed and ordered, to be shipped to the patient's home.

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