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Diet Doc Offers a Great Way to Avoid Compulsive Snacking

Diet Doc offers a powerful antidote to compulsive snacking with prescription hormone treatments, used for over 50 years in the weight loss industry.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- Often thought to be a no-brainer, the idea that compulsive snacking is a major cause behind uncontrollable weight gain is regaining traction in the media as of late. Medical Daily recently released an article detailing the diet devastation caused by compulsive snacking, relating to readers a new study from Queensland University of Technology which declares that "eating too frequently, especially when we're not hungry, is a major potential cause of weight gain." If compulsive snacking is the villain, then the Diet Doc diet plans are the hero, utilizing powerful prescription appetite suppressants, medically supervised by a team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists, to end compulsive snacking and help dieters nationwide avoid the perils of perpetual pigging out.

Diet Doc offers a powerful antidote to compulsive snacking with prescription hormone treatments, used for over 50 years in the weight loss industry. These hormones, when prescribed and monitored by a doctor, which Diet Doc does, have the ability to safely and effectively eliminate between meal hunger, especially when used as part of a low calorie diet plan.

Diet Doc's new hormone powered diet plans offer the company's most dramatic results to date, providing close diet supervision and results of up to 20 pounds lost per month. The company recently conducted an in-house survey, revealing that over 97% of patients lost weight more effectively, and kept it off longer with a Diet Doc hormone powered diet plan.

In order to produce more rapid results, the company offers a comprehensive, yet simple consultation, done via telephone from the patient's own home, which can help Diet Doc's physicians determine underlying health conditions that may be preventing weight loss. This consultation is available to all new patients and scheduled around the client's own availability. Afterwards, a physician will review the results, and discuss the most effective treatments, all based on the patient's individual bodily factors. This initial consultation allows the physician and nutritionist to custom design a treatment plan around every patient, and is the secret to ending compulsive snacking and weight gain and providing patients such monumental and lasting results.

Diet Doc's system can deliver real lasting results for nearly anyone. Regardless of desired results, a prescription hormone powered diet plan can produce healthy results for those trying to rid themselves of those pesky last 10 pounds, or those who must lose substantial weight in order to restore lost health, prevent dangerous obesity related disease, and get back on track towards a healthy and long future.

Call Diet Doc today to end the cycle of compulsive snacking and weight gain. Representatives are standing by to schedule interested callers for a consultation with a licensed Diet Doc doctor.

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