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Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Introduces New Hormone Diet Programs for a Healthy BMI

Diet Doc’s new one-month and two-month diet plans contain essentials items that curb food cravings that can interrupt weight loss goals and achieving a healthy BMI.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2015 -- Dieters who are interested in a one-stop shop for rapid weight loss are now able to take advantage of Diet Doc's hormone diet programs that improve weight-related quality of life for dieters in Detroit and help them achieve a healthy BMI. Now that Diet Doc has released their one and two-month diet plans, dieters who are using the hormone diet are able to reach their rapid weight loss goals and have seen an improvement in their healthy BMI. With nutrient dense items like shakes, dressings, seasonings and power bars, Diet Doc clients are able to lose weight without suffering through any of the negative side effects of dieting, side effects like cravings, fatigue and weakness. In fact in a recent in-house survey, an overwhelming majority of Diet Doc clients, 97%, reported quickly and easily losing weight without any negative side effects or harmful consequences. And, dieters are losing weight so rapidly that some are able to lose up to almost a pound of excess, embarrassing fat per day.

Diet Doc's exclusive prescription hormone diet protocol is one of the very few remaining updated versions of this type of diet. While other, competitor companies continue to use the original, but outdated, research, Diet Doc has invested time and resources into making their hormone diets and treatments options more powerful so that their clients experience a healthy BMI and an improved quality of life. Other companies are also marketing illegal and ineffective homeopathic treatments that are unable to provide rapid weight loss results or help dieters achieve a healthy BMI. Because these treatments are unable to provide the results dieters are looking for, these companies encourage them to follow a dangerously low, 500 calorie-per-day diet that poses serious healthy risks.

Early on, Diet Doc recognized that restricting calories to these levels was dangerous and, instead of putting their clients' health at risk, modernized their treatments so that dieters could lose weight while consuming an average caloric intake of almost double that of competitor programs.

Diet Doc's hormone diets and prescription hormone treatments stand apart from competing companies because they employ a network of specially trained and licensed physicians who monitor patient progress throughout their journey to rapid weight loss. Dieters can feel confident that they will experience a significant decrease in their appetite, will begin seeing fat melt away and will notice an improve and healthy BMI because they are being supervised by a team of rapid weight loss experts. And, because Diet Doc understands that their clients' time is important, they offer their smoothie diets and prescription hormone treatments completely through telemedicine combining weight loss with the comfort and privacy of the patient's own home.

For nearly a decade, Diet Doc has been using advanced treatment options like the hormone diet and diet survival kits to help their clients reach rapid weight loss goals and discover a healthy BMI. And, because they are one of the few remaining legal, legitimate and effective treatment programs available in the United States, they have become the leading choice for medically supervised weight loss plans.

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