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Diet, Exercise, and Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs Help Prevent or Reduce the Severity of Dog Hip Dysplasia


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Hip dysplasia is a common condition that affects dogs. While it is a genetic condition, its development among dogs who are predisposed to it can be prevented. Or, for those who have already shown signs of the condition, its severity can be reduced. The three key factors that can help achieve this are diet, exercise, and hip and joint supplements for dogs .

A dog’s diet is one of the key factors that affect the development of hip dysplasia among dogs. When a dog is overweight or obese, it means that he or she is carrying extra weight in his or her body. This excess weight contributes to the development and/or the seriousness of hip dysplasia. Dog owners should use caution with what and how much they feed their four legged friends. A dog’s diet should be high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Also, free feeding should be avoided. One study involving labrador retriever puppies found that there is a higher incidence of hip dysplasia among puppies that were free-fed for three years than those who had the same diet but 25% less than the amount of what the free-fed puppies had.

Another factor that helps prevent or reduce the severity of hip dysplasia is exercise. Dogs that take regular walks have lower risks of showing symptoms of the condition than those that do not. However, strenuous and prolonged exercise can aggravate the symptoms of the condition. Regular walks for 30 minutes a day and swimming help exercise dogs’ hips and joints without putting excessive stress on them.

As painful wear and tear of dogs’ hips and joints can develop because of too much movement over time, dogs should be given a hip and joint supplement. Advanced Hip & Joint formula by Choice Nutrition Supplements , for instance, contains key ingredients that promote healthy hip and joint function in dogs. These key ingredients include glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine is a compound that helps produce joint lubricants, while chondroitin prevents stress injuries to joints and repairs damage or worn out connective tissues.

“I have an English Bulldog that is getting older. And, as they get older, they have a lot of problems with their hip joints. She is starting to have problems getting up stairs and can’t run as well. I also have to help her get up on the couch sometimes. I never thought of trying a joint supplement because I never thought I would get her to take them because she hates anything that looks like a pill. When I first gave one to her, she dropped it on the floor and had to analyze it for about 5 minutes, but she finally ate it! I was actually surprised. Per her weight, she has to take 2 pills. But when I gave her the second one she took it with no problem. Now she knows when I get the bottle out what they are, and she sits down waiting for them. She’s been taking them for about a week now, and I have noticed that she isn’t limping as much. She’s also jumping up better and not hesitating at stairs. I think these are really helping her, and it’s good to see her acting a little younger again.” – Kayaly2004, Advanced Hip & Joint Formula Customer

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