Diet Makes IVF Treatment in Spain Greatest Option to Have a Baby in Spain


Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- UK scientists testing fertility treatments abroad have discovered that "in vitro fertilization" success rates will increase when IVF treatment is carried out while on a Mediterranean style diet. Scientists are currently studying the quality of the sperm, the egg cells, the resulting embryo, as well as the environment in the uterus. Professor Nick Macklon, a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology at Southampton's Princess Anne Hospital confirmed that current research did advise that a Mediterranean diet rich in vitamin D and omega-3 could boost IVF success rates, but that the idea had not yet been tested through an appropriate randomized trial.

A cutting-edge incubator, called an Embryo-scope is also being examined by scientists to keep a 24 hour watch over the fertilized eggs. The Embryo-scope will come fitted with time-lapse video monitoring technology, allowing scientists not only to analyse the quality of the embryo, but also to examine the odds of it developing into a successful pregnancy. Aside from the proven fact that Mediterranean diet is significantly considered in IVF treatments in Spain, increasingly more couples would visit Spanish clinics making it clear that Spain is really a popular destination to undergo IVF treatment.

In addition to that, if it will be in comparison to UK, the expenses for undergoing fertility treatment incorporating the expense of travel will turn out cheaper if done in Spain. Actually, Greece and Spain are the two mostly frequented areas by women who are wanting to have a baby. The majority of these women are Australians ageing from 40 to 60 years old. One explanation presented for this increase is that in Australia, women are unable to get donated eggs that cannot be traced. IVF legislation in Spain does enable a completely anonymous egg donation, and this has made way for a remarkably high donor pool.

Spain are actually worldwide leaders in R&D and innovation, with new technologies helping to make this particular Mediterranean country one of the finest options for the couple looking at the choice of IVF treatment abroad. As a way to pick the most appropriate egg donor for patients, avoid any damages brought on by possible of genetic issues, and ensure that the baby will be born healthy, the prominent IVF specialists of Spain included the utilization of phenotype genetic matching in the conduction of the IVF treatment. Another thing that the IVF-Spain is also proud of is the guarantee that their patients will certainly become pregnant after the first month. What’s more, there is no waiting list.

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