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Diet, Nutrition, Weight Loss and More Is Covered in Detail on Website TimeForTheNewYou.com


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- According to statistics, about one-third of adults in the United States are obese. Add to that the staggering number of people who are overweight and it’s easy to see why weight-related health issues have reached epidemic proportions. Everything from type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems to stroke and sleep apnea have been linked to excessive weight gain.

Although losing weight and getting more exercise can help alleviate many of these health-related complications, many people are unsure about the best way to go about it. Researching the dozens of popular diets can be time consuming and even confusing at times.

A website has been creating quite a buzz lately for its huge collection of in-depth and educational articles about anything and everything related to diets, weight loss, nutrition and exercise.

Time For The New You! was founded in March of 2011 and has already earned a well-deserved reputation as an outstanding place to go for health-related information that is not only helpful, but also presented in an entertaining and fun manner.

“If you’re looking for simple tips for dropping a few pounds or if you’re looking for that one life-changing diet plan, TimeForTheNewYou.com is the perfect place to look,” an article on the website noted, adding that from tips on stifling hunger to making cardio workouts more effective, readers will be able to find the information they need on the site.

“We are proud to say that over 50,000 people a month, from all over the world, visit our site to learn new and fun ways to improve their life.”

Using the website, www.timeforthenewyou.com, is easy and enjoyable; people of all ages are welcome to visit at anytime and browse through the plethora of posts about everything from the weight loss benefits of brown seaweed to why eating chocolate cake in the morning might just help people shed pounds.

The home page at Time For The New You features the latest articles; colorful photos and intriguing titles accompany each story, enticing readers to take the time to learn more about the different topics.

For example, “The Cheater’s Diet—Ice Cream And Pizza On The Weekends” explains how many dieters have found success through this diet plan, which not only allows but encourages people to still enjoy their favorite “unhealthy” foods on Saturdays and Sundays.

About TimeForTheNewYou.com
TimeForTheNewYou.com was founded in March, 2011 by W.P. Allen, a health and fitness enthusiast and internet entrepreneur. He created the site in order to provide honest, informative, interesting, and fun weight loss, diet, nutrition, and exercise information. The site provides articles and videos about everything from managing hunger to avoiding dangerous diets. For more information, please visit http://timeforthenewyou.com/