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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Introduces Improved hCG Diet Plans for Women

Diet Doc's prescription-only hCG diet plans for women are specifically designed to target fat deposits in hips, underarms, waist, and thighs, incapable of being targeted with other diets.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Diet Doc reveals individual diet plans for women, capable of targeting stubborn fat deposits in the most diet-resistant areas of the body. Using prescription hCG treatments and a customized nutrition plan, this diet can target "abnormal" fat deposits that are unresponsive to typical weight loss plans. During times of weight gain, the body stores calories consumed as fat deposits for future energy intended to keep the body functioning properly during times of lowered caloric intake. Typical diets cannot target these fat deposits directly because the body tends to consume its own muscle as energy before tapping the "abnormal" fat stores. This is generally thought to be because these abnormal fat stores are more easily accessible, requiring less energy to convert into energy, thus delivering a higher overall energy yield than more difficult sources.

With these complicated bodily processes in mind, Diet Doc developed some of the best hCG diet plans for women, capable of tricking the body into tapping its abnormal fat stores instead of muscle mass. These diet plans for women lead to less overall muscle loss during low calorie dieting as well as noticeable pounds and inches shed form those most difficult areas to target. Patients nationwide can easily access these diet plans for women by visiting Diet Doc's website, calling the number, and personally consulting with an in-house expert fast weight loss physician. If the patient is deemed capable of benefitting from personalized hCG treatments, a physician will prescribe an appropriate dosage of American produced, pure prescription-only hCG.

Diet Doc conducted a survey of the larger hCG clinics across the USA and found their own service lower in price, while offering more services and products in an all-inclusive diet for women, capable of shaving off 25-30 pounds per month. The country's leading diet providers offer frozen meals, point systems, or other gimmicks to sell products, but a diet comparison reveals that these diets are not consistently producing adequate results or producing adequate diet plans for women for their price. Diet Doc offers the only modern day version of the original, 500 calorie hCG diet, increasing the caloric intake to 1250 daily and offering physician monitoring 6 days a week.

With these types of results, the hCG diet plan is among the best diet plans for women, targeting fat stores that cannot be reached by only lowering caloric intake. In addition, other hCG Diet competitors have not put forth the effort to modernize the original hCG protocol. This takes increased weight loss training by physicians to attain a better understanding of how to lose weight fast, addressing both physical and psychological needs of patients. The updated protocol also demands an exceptional increase in diet monitoring, another service that other hCG diet providers are unable to provide. Diet Doc offers unlimited clinical consultations with the best weight loss physicians and councilors, addressing the most necessary aspects of losing weight. The company provides nearly around-the-clock consultations with in-house physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and coaches who are available 6 days per week to offer assistance and recommend any alterations to the hCG diet that may be necessary in order to prevent plateau or weight gain. Other hCG diet providers offer an unsafe 500 calorie diet with little to no support. They simply sell the product and push the patient out the door. Diet Doc has a true understanding of weight loss that only the highest level of commitment to excellence can provide, and the company has taken the most complete steps necessary to be innovators in weight loss, pouring countless hours and effort into modernizing the original hCG diet and making it safe for nearly anyone, providing the kind of back-end service that a successful diet plan demands.

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