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Diet Plans That Get Results Heartens Prospective Vegetarians

Patience is required for switching to a plant-based diet.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2012 -- An Australian scientific review highlighted that a vegetarian diet is more nutritious than one thinks and provides sufficient nutrition.

This study found that those on a vegetarian diet obtained enough protein, iron and zinc; challenging the belief that perhaps only a carnivorous diet can adequately supply these nutrients. It also suggested that a vegetarian diet puts one at less risk for cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, obesity, and type II diabetes.

"Followed correctly, a meat-exclusive weight loss diet can be just as nutritious as an omnivorous regimen. Yes, a plant-based regimen is certainly healthy. It keeps the environment healthy too," K. Chatman of health-food website Diet Plans That Get Results said.

Shifting to plant-based meals is not very taxing, Mr. Chatman assured. One may begin by modifying familiar dishes into their vegetarian counterparts. More often than not, the food one eats now could effortlessly be turned into vegetarian alternatives.

“First, one should choose to be open to variety. For example, when a person is in the store or market, he or she could look for veggie burger patties and soy milk instead of beef and dairy products. And one can always rely on health food stores and vegetarian recipes for additional vegetarian food ideas,” K.A. Chatman advised.

Meat may still entice beginners. In these situations, these individuals should try to fight the temptation to the best of their ability. It is fine to consume meat but over time look to consume less of it. Instead identify veggie alternatives that can eventually help make this transition.

Mr. Chatman also encouraged would-be vegetarians to give a second chance to vegetarian food they dislike. They can do this by favoring a new label of vegetarian food or preparing it in another way.

“Some become full-fledged vegetarians quickly while others take more time. To become a vegetarian, your rationale needs to be strong. Refer to your objectives each time temptation arrives. It also pays to have a strong support system of other practicing vegetarians. Finally, do not forget to read all you can too,” K. Chatman concluded.

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