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hCGTreatments/Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce Healthy Diet Plans to Restore Overall Good Health by Balancing Gut Bacteria

Diet Doc is consistently searching for innovative approaches to improve the overall general health of all Americans. The company’s tailor made diet plans that promote good gut bacteria have helped thousands lose weight and enjoy better health.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- The human body needs gut bacteria to maintain overall good general health. The gut, itself, performs a host of useful functions, including strengthening the immune system by producing vitamins and hormone-producing cells and preventing the growth of harmful gut bacteria. Everyone needs these gut bacteria, yet not everyone has the perfect balance.

Medical News Today recently reported on a study conducted by Professor Pedersen, director of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, revealed that intestinal bacteria in obese people was significantly less than those of a normal weight. The study found that those that were obese had a majority of inflammation-causing bacteria increasing the risk for type 2 diabetes, as well as cardiovascular disease. The study also indicated that those subjects that were obese had less gut bacteria and were more likely to experience unwanted weight gain in the future.

It is not clear whether the intestinal, or gut, bacteria causes obesity or obesity causes decreased intestinal bacteria. It is certain, however, that the presence of certain bacteria in the gut causes the body to take more calories from food, leading to weight gain. Because these scientific studies tend to lend more confusion than clarity to the common layman, the most sensible solution to repairing damage to gut bacteria and maintaining a healthy balance seems to be losing excess weight and following a healthy hCG diet plan.

Diet Doc has designed a clear, simple and concise solution to help everyone cleanse their bodies of harmful and unwanted fat leading to a healthier, more productive and more rewarding life. By creating hCG diet plans that are rich in essential nutrients, low in carbohydrates and high in proteins, along with the medically supervised administration of prescription hCG, the company has helped thousands enjoy life without the burden of unhealthy and unwanted excess fat.

These hCG diet plans encourage the dieter to consume up to 1250 nutritious and delicious calories per day. By providing each client with a complementary recipe book that features over 50 healthy and delicious recipes, the guesswork is taken out of meal planning. Diet Doc’s pure prescription hCG diet plans are designed to be specific to each patient’s personal nutritional, medical and dietary needs and are rich in essential nutrients, improving the digestive system, while promoting hCG diet fast weight loss and balancing bacteria in the gut.

Prior to beginning the journey to a life free of excess fat, prospective clients must be medically qualified. An extensive, yet simple, medical evaluation followed by a doctor consultation can be accomplished from the patient’s own home simply by picking up the phone or logging onto the computer. Based on the findings of the evaluation and consult, Diet Doc physicians are better able to identify and resolve any barriers that may be blocking the weight loss path and hindering fast weight loss.

hCG, a hormone that is naturally produced in the placenta of pregnant women, when coupled with the tailor made hCG diet plans, has the ability to turn the body into a fat burning machine. This powerful combination signals the brain to free stores of fat that have been lying dormant in the cells of the body, releasing this old fat into the bloodstream and using it as the body’s primary source of energy. The result is safe, successful, and fast weight loss with patients reporting more energy and looking and feeling better than ever before, all without side effects.

It is possible to restore health by losing excess weight quickly, sensibly and safely. Even those that have been unsuccessful in the past are encouraged to call the nation’s leaders in fast weight loss to schedule a free and confidential consultation to begin the journey to better health without the burden of unhealthy excess fat.

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