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Diet Doc Announces Their Shared Patient Weight Loss Success with Real Life Success Stories

The professionals at Diet Doc take each patient’s weight loss journey personally. They teach their clients how to look and feel better through fast weight loss, are there for support and encouragement and take pride and pleasure in celebrating the weight loss victories


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2015 -- Many women, particularly those approaching menopause, find that their figure changes as their body ages. Along with the excess weight, they find that they tire more easily and may not be so interested in participating in activities that they previously enjoyed. This can be especially difficult for those who have never struggled with excess weight. There are many questions and very few answers when searching for the diet plan that will restore their figure, improve their energy levels and make them feel better, both physically and mentally. Many will search the internet, trying every fad diet, gimmick and gadget, all advertised to shed pounds easily and effortlessly. And, while the experts at Diet Doc would love nothing more than to develop a product that instantly melts fat without any work on behalf of the dieter, that product or gimmick simply does not, nor will it ever, exist. For this reason, they developed their diet plans that are geared toward personalizing each patient's journey to target specific areas that are causing weight gain or preventing weight loss. By spending time with each patient, they are better able to design diet plans that fit more perfectly with each patient's needs and goals.

New patients will complete a health questionnaire and schedule an online consultation with one of Diet Doc's highly trained fast weight loss doctors. During the consult, the doctor completely reviews and assesses the system to uncover barriers that may have been overlooked in the past. Using their own algorithm, they design diet plans that are completely compatible with each patient's age, gender, lifestyle, medical conditions and nutritional needs that will generate fast weight loss while keeping the body fully nourished and operating optimally during dieting. Their diet plans are uniquely created to allow many patients to continue to enjoy some of their favorite foods while teaching them how to break bad eating habits and how to begin incorporating healthier foods leading to improved physical health, self-confidence and long term weight management.

Decades of scientific research, combined with modern medical understanding has enabled Diet Doc to incorporate their specially formulated, safe and pure, prescription hormone diet treatments, fat burners, diet pills, appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters into their diet plans. This powerful combination signals the brain to target old, stored abdominal, hip, thigh and buttock fat to be released into the bloodstream, burned for energy and quickly flushed from the system, all without between meal hunger, food cravings or fatigue.

Diet Doc takes personal reward in making a positive difference and celebrating each patient's success. Patients, who have struggled unsuccessfully to lose excess fat, share their success stories daily and now Diet Doc shares Puyallup, WA resident, Bobbi W's story. Bobbi began her journey weighing 220 pounds. Four months and an amazing 80 pounds later, Bobbi is looking and feeling better than ever before.

"My struggle with my weight began later in life. I investigated different companies and felt that Diet Doc's protocol would fit my lifestyle the best. The results were life changing. I feel more energetic and confidant. I lost 100 pounds in 4 months and my body fat is now 21.8%. I was not hungry. I actually enjoyed all the foods I ate. I was able to change some of my bad eating habits…giving up soda, refined sugar, and processed foods! I have been "off" of the Diet Doc diet plan for four months and have not regained any weight. This diet works because it teaches you how to eat right. I have recommended this diet to friends and family and I will keep recommending it because it works!" Bobbi W.

Diet Doc monitors each patient's progress throughout and are available on an unlimited basis via phone or internet. Their dedication to the continued success of each patient, their safe and effective products, constant medical supervision and level of personal service has led to Diet Doc becoming a leader in the weight loss industry and they invite those who are struggling to lose excess weight to call today.

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