Diet Research Team Finally Unearths the Truth Behind Claims of Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects


Bellevue, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Ever since the launch of the green coffee bean extract the media has been in frenzy. Positive customer reviews flooded in whilst on the other hand there were also claims about the fact that the new weight loss supplement had more negative side effects than positive side effects. A team dedicated to research on weight loss supplements decided to settle the confusion once and for all.

The team conducted an experiment on 30 middle-aged office goers. Reports state that they seemed to be the perfect candidate for this experiment because between working full hours at the office and taking care of the kids at home, they had no time for hitting the gym. Hence, the approach seemed completely foolproof.

After a month’s intake of the green coffee bean extract, the team saw a considerable 13% loss on their body weight without any change of diet. Once the team has successfully established that it is indeed effective, they then embarked on the mission to find out the truth behind the green coffee bean extract side effects.

The team’s extensive research on the diet supplement revealed an astounding secret that has been hidden to the public over centuries. Most diet food supplements contain a thermogenic chemical that has been known to kill people in many cases. The green coffee bean extract however did not show any signs of this chemical. Green coffee beans in itself contain natural thermogenic fat burners making it a hit in the market.

Several interviews with people who posted the negative alerts against using green coffee bean has revealed that it was due to their bad history with other chemical diet supplements. Hence, the false alarm proved to be completely baseless although it was done only with the best of intentions from them without doing any detailed research. To get more information please visit

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