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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Encourages a Proven hCG Diet over Diet Soda to Lose Body Fat

Diet Doc has introduced exclusive hCG diet plans that can now make burning body fat quick and easy, unlike over-processed snacks and sugary foods like diet soda, which can actually cause weight gain.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Many people think that exchanging their calorie laden regular soda for a diet version is a great way to lose weight without changing habits. To fuel this ideology, the Coca Cola Company released a new series of ads endorsing the use of aspartame in their sweetened drinks, with their written ads promoting diet soda to help people manage weight as part of a regular diet. With Coca Cola stressing the scientific evidence that they claim supports the use of aspartame to control or lose body fat, many people are wondering whether including diet soda in their hCG diet plan will actually help them lose body fat. However, new studies have revealed the detriment that consuming artificial sweeteners can cause.

In response to this new line of advertising, author Malia Frey, who has been teaching and writing about weight loss, health, wellness, diet and exercise for over 20 years, published an article considering the benefits and health consequences associated with diet soda. Frey consulted the Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program for information and found that, although studies have not been able to directly attribute health concerns to aspartame, some hCG diet plan experts believe that artificial sweeteners can alter a subjects sense of taste and could actually increase cravings for sugary foods. Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans understand the uphill battle that their clients struggle with to control cravings and create their body fat burning programs around healthy foods and supplements to eliminate the temptation to overeat.

Considering the negative side effects of consuming diet soda, Diet Doc discourages its use as part of their hCG diet plans and, instead, encourages their clients to consumer wholesome, low calorie foods and drinks to lose body fat. To help patients stick to their healthy meal and snack plans, Diet Doc offers natural supplements that control cravings to overindulge in sugary or fatty foods.

In order to produce the best possible results, patients will work closely with Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists who are highly trained in the causes of weight gain and the most effective methods to lose body fat with hCG diet plans. These nutritionists will spend time educating and counseling patients on the importance of a healthy diet and which foods provide the essential elements and minerals that their body requires along with foods that leave them feeling full and satisfied without causing weight gain or unnecessary sugar cravings. Patients will also learn why unhealthy foods, like diet soda, could disrupt their hCG diet plan and cause them to gain weight and crave fatty, processed foods.

Diet Doc is committed to helping their clients not only reduce and lose body fat, but they are also dedicated to educating their clients on how to sustain weight over time. By developing patients’ skill set for making knowledgeable choices for the foods they are consuming, patients will no longer continuously overeat or fill their diet with foods that cause weight gain.

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