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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- Dieting is a popular method by which individuals can create a caloric deficit in their daily intake, causing the body to burn up its own reserves of fat and thereby being able to lose weight. The Diet Solution is emerging as a popular approach to dieting after the successes of its author Isabel De Los Rios in implementing the techniques she describes.

With the market saturated with new and different dieting ideas, it can be difficult for consumers to make up their minds when decided what route they want to take toward weight loss. is a website recently launched to provide an impartial insight into the effectiveness and practicality of The Diet Solution.

The review is written by Amy Larson, who has seen real benefits from using the program. Her review is divided into five main subsections: overview, quality and features, restrictions, approach and conclusions.

The review takes an editorialized narrative approach to describing in some detail the methodology contained within The Diet Solution and its application to a consumer’s everyday life. It goes on talk about the differences between The Diet Solution and its competitors in the market, describing The Diet Solution as a long-term weight loss program designed so that users can maintain their diet and change their lifestyle permanently, as opposed to short term or crash diets that will see the weight come back on as soon as the diet is over.

In creating the review, Amy completed The Diet Solution Program, and shares her results along with a recommendation. Amy explains how she lost over twenty two pounds in six weeks using the program with a final weight of 126 lbs. Amy explains in the review that she had some successes with other diet programs but would always pile the weight back on after the diet had finished. However she was delighted with the results of the Diet Solution because after six months she has only gained three to four pounds. She believes understanding the concepts the program teaches, including the science behind it, has allowed her to change hew dietary habits forever. She is particularly pleased because this has not required any extra special effort on her part.

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