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Is the Secret to Real Fat Loss in Your Mug

This Newly Released Book, The Café Diet, Explores How Coffee Can Fuel Sustainable Fat Loss


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- So many people are subjecting themselves to perfectly miserable diets and dreary exercise regimes hoping to lose weight, and they often do. The problem is that they usually gain all that weight back with interest. Coffee lovers who want to stop the yo-yo dieting torment and discover the right way to use their favorite beverage to do more than wake up in the morning will be excited to read Béla Csepregi’s just published book The Café Diet: The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Fat Loss.

Csepregi’s personal research and experimentation roasting coffee beans and blending them for the perfect cup of java lead to his realization that coffee could be a powerful appetite suppressant. But it isn’t as simple as just indulging in tasty coffee drinks. Csepregi’s quest involved figuring out not only practical fat loss techniques but also learning what most of us are doing wrong with our coffee consumption.

Learn All about How Coffee Can Help You Wake Up to a Healthier Life

In The Café Diet: The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Fat Loss, Csepregi spells out exactly how to use coffee to attain sustainable fat loss by curbing your appetite and developing healthier eating habits. The book also covers coffee’s interesting history and the health benefits society has long forgotten about this amazing bean and beverage.

Csepregi introduces readers to his four pillars of the Café Diet: caffeine, appetite, food and exercise. Used together, this is the foundation of real and sustainable fat loss. When you read The Café Diet, you will learn practical tips for using coffee for weight loss and all around better health, how to pair coffee with the right foods for maximum benefit and how to use coffee to boost your fitness efforts. If you are ready for a new approach to health and fat loss, it is time for you to read Béla Csepregi’s new book The Café Diet: The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Fat Loss and change your life.

The Café Diet: The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Fat Loss by Béla Csepregi is available in print and Kindle version.

About Béla Csepreg
Béla Csepregi was born and raised in Hungary, where he worked in human resources for the government. Moving to the United States with his family a decade changed his entire life – including his career. He began working in a café and became fascinated by the whole process of turning a coffee bean into a cup of delicious coffee. As he explored and experimented with roasting coffee beans and creating new blends, he made a wonderful discovery. Coffee, he learned, has the effect of suppressing the appetite. Ever more intrigued, he turned his focus from delicious drinks to unleashing coffee’s potential as a weight loss aid.

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