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NY, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2017 -- Summary
The rise of personalized nutrition is providing fresh impetus and new opportunities within the market for dietary supplements. This report considers the evolving landscape of the supplements industry.

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Key Findings
- Personalized nutrition offers manufacturers the chance to develop an ongoing relationship with consumers rather than a single transactional approach. This benefits both suppliers, who can build a base of loyal customers, and consumers, who gain a personalized and dedicated service.
- Although the growth of the global market for vitamins, minerals, and supplements has slowed in recent years, the personalized nutrition trend will push growth at a CAGR of 6.5% from an estimated total value of $93bn in 2015 to $127bn in 2020.
- In 2015, WellPath joined forces with 23andMe and FitBit to offer a service to customers that provides customized packages of monthly supplements based on an unprecedented level of personal information.

The objective of "Dietary Supplements in an Age of Personalized Nutrition" is to examine the effects of personalized nutrition on the global dietary supplements industry. The content outlines the different approaches to personalized nutrition, with current examples of innovation and best practice within the marketplace. The report considers how the rise of personalized nutrition will impact on the global market for dietary supplements over the short-to-medium term, and offers suggestions and recommendations to manufacturers for achieving success within this new landscape.

Reasons to Buy
- Assess the different approaches to personalized nutrition, with current examples of innovation and best practice within the marketplace.
- Use market data to examine the current value in the market, and how this will change moving forward.
- Consider recent controversies in personalized nutrition, including ethical concerns, lack of regulation, data confidentiality, and gene patenting.
- Identify companies and collaborations that have achieved success in this market.

Table of Contents
About the author
Executive summary
The rise of personalized nutrition
Innovations in personalized nutrition
Dietary supplements market
Strategies for success
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The rise of personalized nutrition
Chapter 3 Innovation in personalized nutrition
Chapter 4 Dietary supplements market
Chapter 5 Strategies for success

List of Tables
Table 1: Personalized medicine and the food industry supply chain
Table 2: Summary of recent studies investigating public attitudes to genetic testing
Table 3: Projected growth in key segments of the health and nutrition market with relevance to the personalized nutrition market
Table 4: Genetic testing companies directly involved in nutrigenomics (part 1)
Table 5: Genetic testing companies directly involved in nutrigenomics (part 2)
Table 6: Consortia influential in the personalized nutrition market

List of Figures
Figure 1: The divisions between foods and medicines are increasingly blurred
Figure 2: Prevalence of reported motivations for use of dietary supplements among adults in the US (%), 2007-10
Figure 3: Examples of recent negative press around dietary supplements, April 2015
Figure 4: Levels of characterization through which an personalized approach to nutrition and supplementation may be achieved
Figure 5: The personalized "Share a Coke" campaign was credited for turning around Coca-Cola sales after an 11-year decline
Figure 6: Principle of personalized medicine
Figure 7: Benefits of personalized nutrition
Figure 8: Increasing cost with increasing degree of personalization
Figure 9: Dietary products personalized through consumer demographics
Figure 10: The Nourish "intelligent," personalized countertop supplement system
Figure 11: InsideTracker home blood testing kit; analysis includes a unique customized food, lifestyle, and exercise plan
Figure 12: Emerging role of smartphone apps in different aspects of personalized nutrition

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