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Dieters Discover an Effective New Tool in the Battle of the Bulge at


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- Many dieters may be familiar with the prescription drug Phentermine, which is a top-selling diet pill that took the market by storm. Phentermine has helped numerous people to lose weight, but it is only available by prescription. Most dieters will not be able to get prescriptions for Phentermine, yet they still want to have access to its powerful weight-reducng effects.

For these dieters, a new non-prescription diet pill called Phentramin-D has recently hit the shelves. Phentramin-D is the successor of Phentermine, with the difference being that Phentramin-D can be acquired legally without a prescription. According to customer testimonials and reviews, Phentramin-D is known to have the same results as its prescription-only predecessor, and in some cases, the results have been even better.

Phentramin-D is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. This speckled blue tablet is causing a lot of commotion, and many dieters have headed to a website called in order to find out more.

“Phentramin-D is a diet pill that speeds up your metabolism while at the same time suppressing your appetite. So it helps you lose weight two ways – by telling your body that you should burn more calories each waking minute and for it to not take in as much food as you normally do. This tandem of efforts results in a very fast way of reducing weight,” declares the

This website includes all the information that dieters need to research and buy Phentramin-D. New review pages have just been added to, making the website even more informative. Visitors can read several articles that compare Phentramin-D to its predecessor, Phentermine, as well as other diet pills on the market.

They can also read about the ingredients and potential side effects of Phentramin-D. The Phentramin-D Ingredients page explains the drug compound that is used to make the pill, and even provides helpful details on all the components. The Phentramin-D Review page reveals everything about the pill, including basic information, benefits and precautions as well as dosage and administration.

Right now, the website is offering a promotional code that will give customers 15 percent off any order until July 1, 2012. Additional discounts include free shipping for all supplies of three months or longer.

At, dieters can discover the solution to their weight loss woes.

About is a site that guides users through all aspects of the non-prescription, all-powerful weight loss pill Phentramin-D. It boasts expert reviews, testimonials, before and after photos, and the best value to acquire this scientifically formulated pill. Most men and women who want to shave off extra pounds without risking their health consider this product a necessity. The average person taking Phentramin-D can expect to lose up to 24 pounds in the first month. This is a fairly new site with the latest guide to the most sought-after, powerful and highly effective diet pill on the market right now.

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