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Dieting Doesn't Work and Makes People Even Fatter, According to the New Smart Slim Solution Program


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- The newly launched Smart Slim Solution - developed by Jill Moss and published by Magix Corporation - was designed for food lovers to finally lose their fat without giving up the foods they love.

The timing of the new innovative weight loss program could not be any better. With the New Year just around the corner, millions of people are already thinking about losing weight after the holidays are over. Unlike other weight loss programs or diets, which require people to count calories and feel hungry all of the time, the Smart Slim Solution offers a solution on how to achieve fat loss without feeling deprived.

Two free videos share a lot of helpful information about how people can lose weight without feeling stressed, miserable and hungry. One video, titled “Find Out if Emotional Eating is Making You FAT,” assures its viewers that anybody—even those who have tried every diet under the sun without success—can get rid of the fat that is preventing them from leading a healthy life.

“I can provide you with a smart weight loss solution I’ve developed by synthesizing some of the greatest fat loss discoveries ever made,” Moss said in the video, adding that the Smart Slim Solution program goes against everything that people have been told by the diet and weight loss industry.

Visitors to the new Smart Slim Solution website will also have the opportunity to watch the highly contradictory and thought-provoking video called “If You Are Dieting You Will Fail – Eat Your Way To Fat Loss.” In this fast-paced presentation, Moss shares her personal story and everything she has learned in her highly rewarding fat loss journey.

Moss shows that according to a shocking statistic diets only work for 10% of the people who start a diet and that they in turn gain more weight within a one year period then they had before.

For example, Moss explains in the video that many people end up over-eating not because of physical hunger but because of “emotional hunger”. Moss explains what that is and how to overcome it.

“The diet and weight loss industry has brainwashed us into believing that you need to buy their expensive diets, pills and pre-packaged diet foods,” she said.

“Yet 90% of the people who do try are guaranteed to fail.”

Those who wish to discover the reason why people get fat and to find out more about the Smart Slim Solution may visit their website and watch the free videos.

About Smart Slim Solution
Magix Corporation, the publisher has been in business since 2001. The Smart Slim Solution is a new fat loss program by Jill Moss that synthesizes some of the greatest fat loss discoveries ever made. It contradicts what has been taught by the weight loss industry in the past. For more information, please visit http://www.smartslimsolution.com