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New Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- When it comes to weight loss, there is a lot of information floating around. Both online as well as offline sources are overflowing with information, but unfortunately half of what is put out there is completely baseless. But, one website which has and continues to make a difference is . This is a weight loss for women blog which talks about weight loss issues that affect the general crowd.

It follows a unique approach to spreading the word, which is, taking the celebrity examples and inspiration from success stories. As most people consider celebrities as their weight loss role models, the approach seems to have struck a chord with several. Many women, who have trouble losing weight have found respite in the blog’s honest and to the point rendezvous with current weight loss techniques.

Weight loss for women is a specialised topic; not all weight loss techniques are applicable since the female anatomy is different and there are so many inherent issues that women have to deal with when it comes to losing weight. Women go through pregnancy, have surges of hormonal imbalance and there is also the menopause stage that affects a woman’s ability to lose weight.

Weight loss for women is therefore a very intricate topic and, which is owned by Dr. Athira Thampy, has done complete justice to it. The website mainly features a blog where women from all over the world connect. There are expert opinions too on top weight loss plans. There are food plans that are discussed which give both homemakers as well as the working class to achieve their weight loss goals without comprising on what they eat.

This blog which promotes weight loss for women tips has been the ‘go to’ source for women from all walks of life. Most women have also claimed to have witnessed amazing results by following programs discussed on this platform. The blog has in more than one way helped women lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The blog has helped women focus on their weight loss goals and work on these goals without putting a lot of effort in changing their schedule.

The blog currently features many inspiring celebrity stories. These stories have already received a positive reaction from many women who follow the blog on a regular basis. To know more and read interesting stories log onto