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Different Types of Meditation Explored on Recently Launched Website exposes readers to the how’s and why’s of regular meditation.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2011 -- One look at a local bookstore or library will reveal that there are many different types of meditation techniques to explore. was recently launched to help individuals learn how to do meditation in many ways. The site features articles for meditation beginners as well as those who want to expand their skills.

According to site owner Sandy Carter, “I’ve come across very few people who honestly aren’t stressed out by everyday life. The happy people I do meet are either retired or they tend to practice meditative arts. That intrigued me and it was part of the driving force behind the launch of”

Visitors to the site will find a meditation video for beginners as well as a visual guide that prepares viewers step-by-step to enter a meditative state. The video tells viewers how and where to sit, relays advice for quieting the mind and provides techniques for properly breathing through the process. The beginners meditation video takes viewers through an actual nine minute guided meditation.

“Many times people who want to know how to do meditation don’t think they’ll be able to sit long enough to gain the calming benefits,” said Carter. “But if you start off with 10 minutes a day you’re going to feel the difference and you’ll naturally want to increase the meditation time. I think almost anyone can clear their mind for 10 minutes.”

To learn more about different types of meditation methods, visit the Meditation Techniques Daily website at (

The Meditation Techniques Daily website features articles and videos for people who want to learn how to do meditation, even if they’re total beginners.