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Differentiating Hard Money and Soft Money Loans

“Hard money” is a common term often associated with loans compared to the potentially lesser-known “soft money”. There are similarities between, but the differences are also considerable.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2019 -- With hard money, it typically involves a loan intended to provide funding for renovation and improvement of a property, or perhaps as a bridge loan. The money is secured using the equity of the property. The loan terms are short, as little as a few months in some cases. Interest rates tend to be high because investors are concentrating on property equity versus examining a borrower's credit history.

Soft money loans are similar to hard money loans in collateral which also involves the equity of the property. Unlike hard money, however, a borrower's credit and finances are closely examined. Hence, loans have a lower interest rate but a longer period of repayment. Soft money loans may also require a longer time to process.

Hard money may help with improving a poor credit rating. Should a loan be repaid successfully, the borrower may have the option of reporting it to the credit bureaus, in turn improving the credit score.

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