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Ribbun, A Popular SEO And SMO Company, Now Offers Legitimate Digg Votes For Clients


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/29/2012 -- Ribbun has now added Digg votes to its lineup of services. This web presence development company has a number of services that aim at marketing and promoting brands, products and services. With its new Digg Votes service, Ribbun can give its clients an edge over their competitors.

Digg votes are an effective marketing tool, but most people are not aware of their importance or about Digg. It is a social news website where users can post blogs or interesting web pages, apart from promoting other blog posts and pages. Digg votes operate under a simple method that is explained by Ribbun spokesperson Mr. Mohit, “A user can Digg a blog post or webpage by entering its URL and adding a small description, and then selecting an appropriate category for that post or page. Each of these submissions can be viewed by other Digg users, who can then Digg or ‘bury’ them. The submissions that get the most Digg votes would appear on Digg’s main page, and within the ‘popular articles’ segment.”

Digg, along with being a popular social news website, is also actively crawled by websites. In fact, Google indexed Digg every hour, so an addition of Digg votes is bound to quickly improve the website’s page rank. With improved visibility on search engine results pages, a website can attract more visitors and increase its revenue.

Apart from the search engine optimization benefits offered by Digg, a popular article or submission can also help in creating a strong, positive brand image for the website. If the submission is well-written, relevant and informative, then the author would be considered an expert in the field, leading to greater trust among visitors and potential customers. if the aim of the article or post is to promote a service or product, then there can be a flood of motivated buyers to the website.

With increasing competition among new and established Digg authors, it is difficult for even a well-written blog post or web page to received adequate Digg votes. There are several services that offer automated Digg votes, but these are considered illegitimate and would often lead to the webpage being disbarred or removed. Ribbun’s new service, on the other hand, offers real, legitimate Digg votes from actual individuals. Each vote is obtained from different IPs, and are counted towards the Digg story. By improving the popularity of a Digg story, Ribbun can generate a number of new visitors and qualified leads, which ultimately leads to better revenue and growth.

About Ribbun:
Ribbun is a company with a mission of creating a strong and dominant web presence for its clients. To this end, it provides several SEO and SMO services, with the latest one being legitimate Digg votes. Visit Ribbun’s official website to know more about this company and what it can do for you.