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DigiExpress Announces Repair Services for Newest Apple Devices


Tarentum, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- When Apple releases new products, as it did in September of 2012, the ability to find and purchase replacement parts can be both difficult and expensive. But recently, the cost of the parts has been steadily decreasing as the quantity of parts increases.

The ability to find more parts at less expensive prices has increased the ability for companies such as DigiExpress to not only offer the repairs on the latest devices, but also offer them at a lower cost. "Our goal is to offer customers another option," said Craig Clawson, company spokesperson. "To buy a replacement device is expensive, and people are reluctant to lose their data. By offering an affordable repair option, customers often save hundreds of dollars and get to keep their information."

DigiExpress now offers repairs on the iPod Touch 5, iPod Nano 7, iPhone 5, iPad 4 and the iPad Mini. Each of these devices were released in the Fall of 2012, and finding suitable parts at reasonable costs was difficult in the first few weeks of the release.

Parts continued to be difficult to acquire throughout the early stages of 2013 but with the increase in production, DigiExpress has now been able to acquire the parts necessary to complete these repairs, and do so at an affordable price. "When new devices enter the market, high-quality parts are very difficult to gain access to," said Clawson. "Just as with everything, the longer a device is out, the more easily accessible parts and accessories are. And our company will only use the highest-quality parts available, therefore it takes a little bit of time." DigiExpress leading iPod Repair

About DigiExpress
Since 2007, DigiExpress has been one of the industry's leading repair facilities for Apple devices. And the ability to include the latest line of products into its repair lineup gives customers with the newer devices a new option for damaged devices. To learn more about the parts and for pricing information, please visit http://www.digiexpress.us.